Mid-Week Date Night {Marriage on Mondays}

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Last week I decided to have a mid-week date…at home.  When the kids were young and we had to hire a babysitter to go on a date, we often had “home dates”.  We couldn’t afford a babysitter on a regular basis.

As I mentioned last week, we had dates at home regularly. Last week I was reminded of one such date I planned when I found orange twinkle lights at Target.  I grabbed a couple of boxes.

Many years ago, I strung lights in our living room and set up the card table with our china.  Steve was surprised and we had a quiet, romantic evening.

This time, I strung the orange lights around our window, next to the dining table.

I made Swiss Cheese Chicken and added baby carrots as a veggie.


…because I had all the ingredients and didn’t have to go to the store for anything 😉

I also had some white twinkling lights that were still in the box.  I hung those in the bedroom.

Since it was Wednesday, Steve was completely surprised.  And we had a wonderful, relaxing evening.  Times like these reconnect your marriage.

If you aren’t spending time alone with your spouse because your kids won’t go to bed, I encourage you to start training your kids to go to bed by 8.  Your marriage will grow from it.

Take  a mid-week break and enjoy your spouse. . . this week!  You have 3 full days to plan it, and you don’t have to find or hire a babysitter.

What will you do on your mid-week date at home?


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