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how to simplify your homeschool

We’ve had great response to our free homeschooling interviews, through Homeschool Super Heroes. We’ve talked about family discipleship, infertility, wellness & other  special problems in homeschooling.

Today we discuss some great topics for homeschool moms:

  • Teen & Kid Business
  • Using literature in homeschooling
  • Stories & Reluctant Reader
  • Bringing history to life in your homeschool

Hunter Beck - homeschool super hero |


Hunter Beck had his own business for several years in his teens. He made $1000 each summer selling marshmallow guns. He’ll share lessons he learned & tips for your kids/teens to start their own business. He’s also written his own ebook, Marshmallow Gun Business…for Kids & Teens. Join Hunter at 4pm EASTERN.


jim weiss homeschool super hero |

Jim Weiss, of Greathall Productions, will discuss how stories should play an integral part of your homeschool, how to bring history to life, even for non-history lovers, & how to encourage non-readers to love stories. Join Jim at 8pm EASTERN.


What about today’s giveaway?

We’re giving away a copy of Hunter’s Marshmallow Gun Business ebook. You can enter below.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. I really should purchase the package since my evening job keeps me from listening to many of your interviews. Thanks for offering these encouraging tips.

    1. I’m glad these are encouraging & hope the afternoon interviews are helpful to you. One reason we provide the recordings is so moms can listen to them at their leisure.

  2. What teen businesses would you suggest for a two young teen boys (ages almost 15 and 13) that they could do together or by themselves? Keep in mind we live out in the country with the nearest town a 30 minute drive one way.

    1. Laura,
      Hunter talked about ideas on his interview, but also said that it was important that his dad helped him when he first got started. Although Hunter wanted to make money, he need some guidance at first. I would recommend some type of online business, possibly selling on eBay. You will need to ship your items, but you might plan a trip to town twice a week. If that doesn’t work, they can sell digital products online. Just a few ideas!

  3. I think that sharing other homeschooled people’s life adventures and successes is awesome. Gives our children hope and inspiration.

  4. I keep trying to convince my kids to try something like this but they’re sure it won’t work. I need to have them listen to this.

    1. Judith,
      I hope your kids were able to listen to the interview. Hunter discussed problems he had and how he solved them.

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