3 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning {Free Homeschooling Masterclass}

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For many homeschool families, it’s back to school time. You’re gearing up for a new year, brushing off that curriculum and making plans for your kids’ education.

Back to school time is so much fun, with all the new books. Real books are one way to encourage a love of learning. If you’re like me, you want your kids to love learning for the rest of their lives, but you still question your homeschooling methods.

Are your kids “less than” motivated to love learning?
Do you want to inspire your kids to love learning for a lifetime?
Is it hard to encourage your boys to even like, much less love, learning?
Are you struggling to help your kids have the tools of learning?

I understand.

My kids even complained about homeschooling – GASP!

Don’t believe all the speakers who say their kids LOVE homeschooling all the time. My kids loved it sometimes, but many times they didn’t. Their love for learning grew and it took time. Give yourself grace & time (years) to allow your kids to fall in love with learning.

I used 3 simple strategies in her homeschool to give my kids a love of learning, as well as the tools of learning. I want to invite you to join me as I share these 3 strategies on a free Homeschooling Masterclass.

encourage a love of learning

3 Strategies to Encourage a Love of Learning
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

You can choose which time slot is best for your schedule:

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Come discover these simple techniques you can use every day in your homeschool.

  • 5 Tools of Learning for a Lifetime
  • An easy technique Dad & Mom can do daily to encourage love for learning
  • Practical Examples of Loving Learning
  • Why develop a Love of Learning
  • How to Be a Role Model in Learning
  • What you already have at home to inspire learning
  • Secret to Success for homeschool moms to encourage love for learning
  • Bonus Strategy to get started on the right foot & love learning

Thank you, Mrs. Beck! I loved it and I really appreciate all your godly wisdom and great advice! I love how you encourage younger moms to relax, trust God, be the kind of person we want our kids to be, follow our husbands, and read to our kids!

You blessed me so much!

– Katherine George

You have 3 times to attend the Masterclass, so what are you waiting for? The information is invaluable. Go ahead  & grab your seat right now.


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    1. That makes complete sense. I hope that some of the ideas I share on tomorrow’s workshop are across the board regardless of our teaching style. Over the years of homeschooling, my teaching style grew to incorporate my kids’ learning styles.

    1. Jennie, Sometimes I was the bottle-neck for my kids learning. The would start an activity but were waiting on me to continue. My bonus strategy helps with this.

  1. I would agree with Leila, but I also have a challenge with encouraging a love for learning. Sometimes it seems like a chore to my daughter, she’s only 5 so I really need to reevaluate how I’m approaching learning each day.

    1. Melissa, I’m excited for tomorrow’s workshop. I’ll share some very simple ways you can encourage a love of learning…even at a young age (or maybe especially at a young age). See you tomorrow

  2. I think it depends on the child (and also on the parent). I have an interest in almost every subject, but for my son it is language writing (any writing) and for my daughter it is Math (worksheets, especially long division). I have found many methods that help, but have yet to implement them consistently due to time and attitude constraints (I work evenings and kids have other afternoon classes).

  3. Everything is a challenge these days! I can’t seem to find anything that help my children enjoy learning. I’ve worked hard to make new activities to no avail. All my time preparing was just a waste of time. Seems like there is no favorite subject for either of my kids right now. I really want to show them that learning can be fun!

  4. What is your biggest challenge or pressing need to encourage a love of learning?

    I’m inundated with so much information, I feel paralyzed. I don’t have a good schedule, I’m not disciplined and I procrastinate. Do most days we play games, play with legos and watch TV. I can barely get chores done. I feel like a failure!!

  5. I just always feel so stressed because I feel there’s so much to get done with school not to mention the other stuff such as cleaning, cooking etc. It’s hard for me to relax and show that learning can be fun.

    1. Take a deep breath. Take another breath. Easy to say…sometimes hard to do with that ever-growing “to do” list. I hope you can take one of our workshop ideas and use it this semester.

  6. My biggest challenge in inspiring a love of learning is that it does not come easily/naturally to me and though I want to focus on it in teaching my children, I can’t seem to manage

  7. I am also providing homeschooling to my child. Thank you for sharing the strategies that help me to give my kids a love of learning, as well as the tools of learning.

    1. Mayce,
      You are so welcome. I hope this helps. Let me know how we can help you homeschool in other areas

  8. Our biggest challenge is that everything is made harder by my daughter’s vision problems. Where I see that a love of learning could naturally develop, it gets stolen away by the struggles she has just to see it.

  9. My biggest challenge is getting and keeping the attention. There are just too many distractions and fun things to do besides what Mom has planned.

    1. Elisabeth,
      Great point. Recently I heard a message about how too many options destroys our focus. On the other hand, I’ve heard the rabbit trail is the point. Sometimes the fun things are just as educational as what we plan. I tried to allow wiggle room for those fun things.

  10. My biggest challenges are keeping our kids interested in their school and on track, as well as being interested in what I am teaching them.

  11. I may have registered twice? I’m not sure, but when I filled it out this time my answer for my greatest challenge was already there. LOL We’ll see. Looking forward to it! Thank you!

  12. My biggest challenge is making sure I keep a good balance between play and ‘school’- my children are still young, so they learn best through play, which is how I am trying to teach them at the moment and trusting that this will inspire a love of learning, by making it fun and exploring with them, so that they become passionate about learning new information. There is so much pressure from outside sources to have your child reading by 4 years etc, so I am trying to make sure that I don’t give in to the pressure and make learning a chore that we have to do just to hit a certain standard at a certain time, but really for our own enrichment and passions.

    1. Tracy,
      I think all learning at 4yo should be play oriented. OK…maybe learning to make your bed & keep your room clean isn’t play, but there is so much we can do when we simply pay attention to our kids. As soon as we sit them at a desk and tell them, “this is school”, we strangle their curiosity & imagination. I hope you can join us for the class.

  13. My biggest challenge is finding the right resources for each child, to foster a love of learning.

  14. My biggest challenge is that my oldest (almost 7) is easily distracted, so every time my attention is turn away from him, his attention shifts even from something that he had initiated and/or is interested in doing. Maybe it’s not so much a love for learning but a sustained ‘learning’ to actually get something from whatever he’s decided to do.

    1. Elaine, Maybe you can use his interests as a topic in his learning. For instance, my son loved balls, so I let him write his papers on baseball player or other sporting event.

  15. My biggest challenge is our schedule, which varies from day to day. I wish our activities and my work schedule allowed for more consistency.

    1. Alyssa,
      It’s hard when you work & homeschool. Maybe you can carve out time once a month to do a fun learning activity.

  16. My biggest challenge is finding opportunities for learning. I like to stay home, and because of that we miss out on learning happening in the area.
    Can I find opportunities in the home?

    1. Rebekah,
      I have lots of activities you can do at home and still learn.Look at Activity Guides under categories.

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