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With Thanksgiving coming up, I’d like to share some real-life stories of people who help others … who have a love of friends. Help others come to Jesus. I realize this isn’t a curriculum or specific activity like I normally share but I pray these stories significantly impact you & your family.

My hope is you share these stories with your kids & discuss how you as a family can implement the love of Jesus.  In November I’ll be posting ideas to help encourage thanks in your home.

What is love with our friends? Practical way to show your friends you love them

So let’s get started with a story about the love of 4 friends . . . .

Long ago, there were 4 friends who were concerned about their friend who could not get to Jesus.  They chose to help their friend get to Jesus no matter what. They loved their friend dearly. No matter what it took, they would get their friend to Jesus!

They believed Jesus could heal their friend so they each picked up a corner of his pallet and started carrying him towards Jesus…where Jesus was in their town. They would get their friend to Jesus, no matter what.

When they arrived, they realized they could not get in the front door.

What would they do?
No matter what it took, they wanted to get their friend to Jesus. They loved their friend!

Discover how to help others .... no matter whatSo they picked up his pallet and carried it up some stairs on the side of the home where Jesus was.  Not so easy to carry an envolent up some skinny stairs, but they were determined to do whatever it took to get their friend to Jesus.

Once on top of the home, they had another problem. How would they lower their friend into the living room?

No problem!

They started tearing up the roof … all the clay, manure & tile of the roof. They tore up a large enough hole to lower their friend to Jesus.  They did not care that the tile, dirt & manure fell inside someone’s home. They did not care about the mess they made.

They had to get their friend to Jesus…no matter what. They loved their friend so much it did not matter what happened. They would get their friend to Jesus.

In the end, they lowered their friend into someone else’s living room (where all the manure, clay & debris had fallen), just so they got their friend to Jesus. To Jesus – healer of all!  They believed Jesus would heal their friend. And He did!

I have someone in my life that I am unable to take to Jesus, as much as I’d like to do so. I pray regularly that someone else loves this person so much they are determined to share Jesus.

To tear up my friend’s roof in order to love my friend & share Jesus.

Men who love my friend so much it does not matter how much time, effort or mess there is…they are more concerned about this person’s soul than anything else. They patiently walk or journey with my friend back to God.  I continue to pray for someone in the body of believers to love my friend that much.  Who will it be?

Do you have someone in your life who needs Jesus?
Does your family have someone in their life who needs Jesus’ love?
What will you do to get your friend to Jesus . . . NO matter what it costs?

What will you do to get your friend to Jesus . . . NO matter what it costs? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



how to simplify your homeschool
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