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Why would you care about Love Came Down series?

I’m so excited about the items I received because they are a great way to keep Christ as the focus of your Advent season.

Love Came Down includes a variety of resources that have names of God printed on them, as well as verses you can use to teach your kids those names. That’s why I like this series so much.  What a great tie-in from Thanksgiving (for who God is) and Christmas (what God did)

Here’s how I plan to use these items.

Advent Calendar

My kids loved opening the little doors on advent calendars, to discover what is inside.  They took turns opening each day.  Unfortunately, the advent calendars we had only had pictures of Santa mouse or a candy cane.

Besides being magnetic, I love the verse inside each door.

advent calendar - love came down by dayspring

When you homeschool, you can use this calendar as a daily Scripture about God.

Table Runner

advent devotional & christmas table runner - love came down by dayspring

When you eat a meal at the table, each day choose one name of God to discuss.

reversible christmas table runner - love came down by dayspringOr discuss what the phrase “Love Came Down” means to each person.

reversible christmas table runner - love came down by dayspring

This is reversible and can be used at all times of year.  The beige on the front is year-round.  The dark orange on the back reminds me of fall or autumn.

christmas table runner with verses - love came down by dayspring

If you are using the dark side of the runner, let your kids take turns reading the verse.  Spend a few minutes asking questions about that verse and how it relates to Jesus.

I got this beautiful table runner on sale and you can too.  Just click on the photo.

Advent Devotional Flipchart

advent devotional - love came down by dayspring


This flipchart is an advent devotional.  Each day you can read the verse that includes the character of Jesus.

The questions at the bottom of each page might encourage discussion.

As I read through the questions, some questions will make excellent discussions.  Others are a little weak.

Either way, the verse for each day is excellent.  If you don’t like the question included on the flipchart, use your own questions.



You can read more about any of these items by clicking on the photo above or go to this link:

How to Homeschool My Child

What type of advent calendar are you using for your family this year?

NOTE: I did not receive any of these items for free. I paid for each of them myself.



how to simplify your homeschool
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