Life Lessons for Homeschool Moms … from Blissdom

Last weekend I attended Blissdom Conference on blogging. You may wonder how this has anything to do with homeschooling. Actually, the lessons I learned are life lessons, especially applicable to homeschool moms.

1.  Authenticity & Honesty
We need to be authentic with those around us. Whether you’re writing a blog (like me) or going to church with your family, you need to be authentic & honest.

I want to be more authentic with you.I will share my story here so you know really know me & my perspective on homeschooling.

In your homeschooling, be authentic.

Use your strengths to educate your kids, but embrace your weaknesses. If your weakness affects your homeschool, find a resource to solve that weakness in your homeschool. For instance, I am not a musician, so I hired a piano teacher to teach my children.

Where can you be more authentic?
How can you be authentic in front of your kids?

2.  Passion
I need to embrace my passions and that is one reason I launched this blog.

Encouraging young moms is one of my passions.
Homeschooling is another.
So, merged them into this blog.

Another passion of my family is international missions. We took mission trips as a family, wrote letters to missionary kids & sent Christmas gifts to missionaries. My kids have a hands-on view of missions because that is my passion.

As homeschoolers, go beyond your passion for your kids. You may not have much time for it now, but show your kids there is more to life than homeschooling & chores.

What is your passion?
What do you want to pass along to your kids?

3.  Photography
Photography actually goes along with passion, but I want to separate it. I attended MeRa Koh‘s photography session on Friday and quickly remembered how much I enjoy photography.

In high school, I learned how to develop black & white pictures in a darkroom. My Dad gave me his old 35mm … long before digital or even polaroid cameras. I loved taking photos.

I plan to take more photos for my blog and share them with you.

One reason is I won a brand new Sony camera, thanks to Sony Electronics & MeRa Koh drawing my business card at the end of her session. More on photography in future posts but THANK YOU to Sony Electronics & MeRa.

4.  Share Stories
In the first writing session, they talked about stories
MeRa Koh told stories about each of her photos.
Tsh Oxenreider includes a story in each of her blog posts.
Tsh also requires her guest editors to include a story in each post.
Catherine Connors’ closing keynote reminded us that stories have been shared on the front porch for generations

Why do stories matter?

  • Stories make us laugh.
  • Stories make us cry.
  • Stories make memories.
  • Stories teach us.

Why do you think stories make up 70% of the Bible?
God knows we learn best by stories.

I want to share more stories with you.
…through written word
…through photography

I also want to share more stories with my family & friends.
Stories connect YOU to all areas of your life.

What stories are you leaving for your kids?
How are you sharing your story? verbally? in writing? in photos?

5.  Reach Out

I didn’t know anyone before arriving at Blissdom and felt strange without Steve. We’ve traveled together for many years.

I was scared.
Scared I would not fit in.
To be honest, it was hard!

I met fun people in the sessions & quickly remembered how important it is to reach out & make newbies feel comfortable, wherever I am.

Do you reach out to the newbies in your homeschool co-op or Sunday school?
Or, do you stay inside your comfort zone, only visiting with your friends?




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