Mother’s Day Special on Homeschool Language Arts Resources

free Christmas class

Mothers Day Special Homeschool Language ArtsIn honor of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we are having a special on our homeschool language arts products from Excellence in Writing.  Anyone who purchases an IEW product from our website this week will receive our creative writing lesson  – “Write About Your Mom (or Dad or Grandma or…)”

This is a fun writing lesson to do at the end of the year.  Let your kids write about someone they love & respect.

All our IEW products are listed here:

IEW - Following Narnia comboWe have all the new IEW products in stock and ready to ship.  This includes:

We also have the UPDATED resources from Excellence in Writing.





free Christmas class
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  1. Hi, had a question about following Narnia. My daughter LOVES Narnia but hates to write. She is on her own, writing a book about Narnia, so I think Following Narnia would help her greatly. I did listen to the video and you said something about a teacher prerequisite. I need to know more about that resource. I am not familiar with that. You can email me directly if you like.

    1. Michele,
      The teacher prerequisite is our Teaching Writing Structure & Style program. It teaches moms how to teach writing, using a variety of outlines & stylistic techniques. Following Narnia does not teach moms how to use those outlines & stylistic techniques. It assumes you can reference Teaching Writing resource.

      FWIW…The Teaching Writing resource was the 1st writing program I bought as a homeschool mom & former public school teacher (I taught writing to 5th graders). Teaching Writing is the one resource we used continually throughout the 10 years I homeschooled. To this day, my college-age kids say they still use concepts they learned in Teaching Writing.

      If you want to know more about Teaching Writing, here’s a link:

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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