Krafts with Kerry – Take Home Activity

Would your child like to take home another craft each week?

Kerry will provide a bag of supplies, along with instructions for each week’s take home craft.  These will include paper, foam, bugs, cards, and more. You can get the next 7 take-home activity crafts for $25. That’s only $3.57 for all the supplies*** for each craft.

If you compare this box subscriptions that charge $20/month for 4 crafts, you are saving $15 and you don’t have to pay postage.

Siblings Activity Packs receive a 10% discount.

You can add these to your card. Click the ones you want.

First Child Activity Craft Supplies  ($25 – 7 crafts)

Sibling Activity Craft Supplies (10% discount – $22.50 – 7 crafts)

***All supplies included, except scissors.