How to Encourage Success in Your Kids Writing {Free Back to School Workshops}

how to simplify your homeschool

Teaching writing is one of the most difficult tasks for a homeschool mom. Would you agree?

Encourage success in in your kids writing - Discover how on our free workshop

That’s why I’m hosting a workshop to help homeschool moms encourage success with their own kids writing.  It’s free for my readers so go ahead & grab your seat right now.

When you attend this Back to Homeschool Workshop, you’ll discover . . . .

  • Secrets to give your kids a positive feeling about writing
  • How to motivate & encourage your kids to write well
  • Why teaching writing is so hard & how to overcome those obstacles
  • How to introduce PLAY into your writing assignments … at ALL ages
  • How to make repetition fun in your students’ writing assignments
  • Specific steps to be the best writing teacher you student could have
  • A cheat sheet to help your word-deprived students
  • How to help your students choose & narrow writing topics so they writing is the best
  • How students can overcome the drudgery of editing
  • How to ignite or spark an interest in writing with your students.
  • How moms can have the right attitude towards a rough draft
  • How to give positive feedback on your students’ writing
  • How kids of all ages can publish their writings (& the importance of publishing)
  • How to grade your students’ writing
  • How to choose the best writing program for your students

Wow!  That’s a lot of info to cover in 1 hour. But I plan to share all that and more.

Will you join me?

And in the meantime, let me know your biggest struggle in teaching writing to your kids by leaving a blog comment.  I’ll be giving away a copy of my Teaching Writing ebook to one lucky attendee. Just enter our giveaway in the form below.


.Question: What is your biggest struggle with teaching writing to your kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. My biggest struggle is how to teach writing in a way my son understands. It does not come naturally or easily to him at all, & it’s been hard to find ways to get him interested & engaged in writing.

  2. My biggest challenge is getting reluctant writers to believe they can write but that it’s a process that takes time.

  3. The obstacles I face are getting them to do more than one copy of a paper, punctuation and spelling, and ordering paragraphs. They do not like to write at all.

    1. Such a common problem when helping kids learn to write. Thanks for sharing & I plan to address this issue.

  4. My biggest obstacle is grading. My kids all love to write for fun (not so much when it’s assigned). I’m afraid I’ll grade too harshly and take the joy out of it.

    1. Kristen,
      I think grading is difficult for most moms & writing teachers. I shared a few concrete ideas on the workshop. Let me know if you need a few more ideas.

  5. My biggest struggle is narrowing a topic, then finding current info on his technology-based interests. The two of us don’t seem to know how to be specific enough to search the net very well, either.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Birdie. Although I don’t give specifics about searching the net, I do offer a few ideas about writing topics. Let me know if you want more specifics.

  6. One of my biggest struggles in getting my child to journal is how to get started even when having a small idea. Even expanding on the idea more than 1 run on sentence. I m very new to teaching this and am not sure how to get my child to write much of anything. Complains about writing also.

    1. Robin,
      I can understand why it’s so hard to teach writing, especially with the whining 🙂 I tried to address this in the workshop. If you still have questions, let me know.

  7. As much as I LOVE to write it seems it is the hardest thing to teach, especially with my older boy who can over think Everything.

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