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I’m so excited about interviewing my son next week. I hope you can join us for our free workshop about Kids Business Ideas, “Kids Business Ideas: How to Make Money & Have Fun this Summer”.

kid business ideas - free online workshop from How to Homeschool My

Why am I interviewing my son?

becks - Hunter Kerry Ephesus TurkeyHunter ran his own business, starting at the age of 10. He is now 20 years old and wants to share his successes & failures with other kids interested in kid business ideas.

What better way to learn, than from another homeschooler.

Here are just a few secrets Hunter will reveal as I interview him:

  • Basic problems of a kid business
  • How to solve those problems
  • Factors of a business that every kid should know before they get started
  • How to balance a kid business and still have a fun childhood at the same time
  • How to still run a business during the school year
  • Kid Business Ideas start this summer
  • Knowledge that will get kids headed in the right direction

We’ll also announce the winner of our Blog Giveaway, a copy of Hunter’s new ebook, Your Own Marshmallow Gun Business

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Bottom Line

On this 50-minute Workshop, you’ll discover more about how your kids can start a SUPERIOR business that will make a profit for longer than just a couple weeks ..than you’ve ever heard anyone reveal before!

How Kids Can Make Money - lemonadeIt’s happening THIS Tuesday, May 14 at 9:00PM (EasternTime) especially for my valued clients and subscribers.

This workshop will be different from any others we’ve hosted because it will not be a homeschool mom or dad teaching. It will be a homeschool graduate sharing what he learned & how your family can apply it.

Join us Tuesday, by registering below:

NOTE: If you use Chrome, please read…You will still be registered for this workshop, even if you receive a malware notice. We have contacted our web form developer, our webmaster  and tech support, who all say we have no malware. They are working on this matter and we hope to clear up this matter soon.


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kid business ideas - free online workshop from How to Homeschool My

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  1. This looks great! My girls are hoping to make money this summer with various knitting and crocheting projects. They would love to start their own business!

  2. I think it would help teach my son and daughter the work = success by the time they need to.

  3. Great idea! My son will be 10 in August, and he is super excited about the idea of running a business. I’m excited about the responsibilities he will learn. Hpw great to learn them from an experienced home schooler! Can’t wait!

    1. Christina, Hunter was about 10 when he started his marshmallow gun business. I hope y’all get some good ideas from him tonight

  4. Hi Kerry, Your link to this on FB caught my eye. I need any kind of “running my own business” education that I can get. And so can my kids. We’ve been putting it off while getting training in our fields but it’s TIME. This is probably just as good of place to start as any. 🙂

    1. Hey Sherry, How’s it going? Hunter will be sharing several concepts he learned while we were in Idaho…

  5. I’m excited about this webinar! I’m going to try and catch it from my smart phone as I will not be near a computer. I hope they record it and email links so my kids can see it later. They’ll be w their dad watching their very first donkey basketball game. Fun, fun!

  6. My daughter, Emma, is 15 and keeps asking me for something to do during summer. She is wanting to make some money and has an entrepreneurial spirit. I believe this workshop interview will be perfect for her to encourage her in her endeavors. Thanks for having it!
    -Blessings 🙂

  7. Looks great! When they’re older and running their own business do they have issues with filing tax forms? I had one person from the IRS tell me my son had to file as a small business owner just for mowing some lawns. (My accountant set me straight thankfully.)

    And a technical question–our internet is a bit slow and we can go elsewhere to listen to the webinar but is there an option to listen without watching since it seems too slow to watch a live feed? Thanks 🙂

    1. You can listen to the audio on the telephone. There should be directions to do so… when you log in

  8. Hi, my concern would be that the child would not get carried away with the money making idea that they forget to focus on Christ Jesus. But I would still not mind checking this out.

  9. My boys turned 6 two weeks ago so to say they are interested in starting a business or picking up their room would be a non true statement. It is interesting through and maybe as they get older we can look into something like this.

  10. My kids have tried several things and have really big ideas. I hope to find something that will interest them so they will follow through.

  11. Hi Kerry!
    I had sign up for the webinar but was not able to make it 🙁 Was it recorded? I would love to see or hear it if you had recorded it. Thanks!

    1. Yes we recorded the webinar. You should have received an email to the recording. If not, please email Heidi to request the recording (kerry – at –

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