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If you are homeschooling, you must balance many areas of life.  Keeping your home can be a struggle or a true delight.  I want to encourage you in those areas.  If there is something we’ve missed, let me know.

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Growing in your Faith

Gratitude Journal {Thursday Thanks}

One Thousand Gifts & Thirty Days of Gratitude

30 Day Gratitude Challenge Replay

30 Day Gratitude Challenge & One Thousand Gifts

Faithful or Freaking Out? {Caleb part 3}

Let Go: Trusting God in All Situations (Caleb part 2)

Daily Bible Verse Helps for Homeschoolers

Parenting Toddlers to Teens

Mommy…Why? {Review}

Cooking – Recipes for All Types of Cooks

Super Cinnamon Muffins – Saturday Morning Breakfast

4th of July Recipes, Crafts and More {Weekend Links}

Keeping Up – Cleaning, Laundry, Ironing, Gardening, Chauffeuring

Priorities in Homeschooling

BusyNess – How to Manage Time

Daily Lists for Homeschool Moms

Organizing Your Home

Mid-Year Evaluation: How About That Goal Setting from January?

One-Word for 2012 {Re-Print from January}

What are Your Goals of Christian Parenting?

Setting Goals Strategies: Putting Goals Into Action

Goal Setting for Moms: Easier Said, More Easily Done

Family Dinner


Encouragement for Moms

Thank You Lord!

Should You Be a Stay at Home Mom?

Blissdom Bound

Service & Ministry


Children’s Activities

Summer Activities — Alphabet Diary Car Game

Summer Activities — Tie Dye in Reverse

Summer Activities — Homemade Playdough

Summer Activities — Create An Icecream Watermelon Dessert

How Kids Can Make Money & Have Fun, Too

Your Marriage

Mondays are for Meals & Marriage

Special Days – Holidays

Finding the Summer Fun Where You Live {Guest Post}

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Activities – Weekend Links

Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts

Send a FREE Valentine Card