3 Clues: How to Keep Christ in Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner and I’ll admit! I’m more troubled each year to see what our society does to Christmas. We no longer keep Christ in Christmas.

  • Does your home feel busy and hectic more than peaceful and reflective
  • Would you like to scale back the materialism and focus more on Christ in Christmas this year?
  • Is time a challenge during the holidays? Needing more time? Or searching for down time?
  • Is it all out schedule chaos for you during the holidays?
  • Do you tend to go over board?

I want to help you focus on what’s important rather than all of the material things. I’ll share how I failed at Christmas (big time!) and the changes I made to keep the focus and peace of our holidays. If you’ve ever started crying from the stress, you’ll want to hear my story.

keep Christ in Christmas

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

But, it’s not just in our homes. It’s everywhere we look that Christ is removed from Christmas.

An anonymous parent at an Arkansas school tried to stop a field trip to watch Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown because it had religious content and would be performed at a church . . . even though a parent could opt-out of the field trip. The attorney says this field trip oversteps the lines between church and state.

And in my own home town, the Office Depot clerk remarked on her headset they could not wish customers “Merry Christmas”. She went on to say, she could wish them “Happy Hanukah, Holiday, Kwanzaa” or whatever else!

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

When I look around me and see how empty and commercialized Christmas has become, I realize I need to watch out for my own family. I may not be able to change the world, but I can add purpose & meaning to celebrating Christmas in my home. I can be sure to keep “Christ” in the center of my family’s Christmas, and so can you!

Here’s how…

If you are on the constant go, go, go or trying to slow down to remember the real reason of Advent & Christmas, I want to invite you to a free masterclass called, 3 Clues to Keep Christ in Christmas. This may be the most important online masterclass you’ll watch this entire year!

keep Christ in Christmas

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Here’s just a small sampling of what I cover on this unique masterclass…

  • The 3 tips to having Advent devotions to keep Christ the focus
  • How to tie together homeschool activities & the holidays to get control of your schedule and find more time
  • How an ordinary family overcame the crass commercialism of America’s Christmas season
  • How to reach outside your family during the Christmas season.
  • The dangers of America’s current Christmas celebrations
  • The biggest obstacles that stand between you and what’s important with your own kids
  • And as many different ideas that I can squeeze into our training!

Don’t dilly-dally around or you’ll forget to reserve your seat and completely miss this masterclass. Register right here…right now!

I love this “putting Christ back into Christmas” theme. We started it when our eldest was 4, he’s now 18,  after a totally over the top family Christmas. I adore anything wrapped in paper, and Christmas trees and decor make my heart sing, but the meaning of the “event”  gets so lost in the commercialism and credit card debt.

Thank you for being brave enough to speak against the tide.

Jayn, Homeschool Mom

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Be sure to grab both of Kerry’s free gifts (Masterclass & daily Advent email ideas) to help you keep Christ in Christmas right here:

Question: What’s your biggest challenge to keep Christ in Christmas? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Will the class be recorded? I would love to attend one of the sessions but am unable to at the moment due to scheduling conflicts. The material and discussion looks like it will be fantastic!

    1. Amanda,
      Sorry for a late reply. Yes. we plan to send a replay on Wednesday for anyone who registers for the class.

  2. Our biggest challenge to keeping Christ in Christmas is all the busyness that surrounds Christmas…family get together, shopping, baking, parties. Although maybe this year will be different….

  3. For me the two that I am really looking forward to learning about during the masterclass are How to tie together homeschool activities & the holidays to get control of your schedule and find more time
    How an ordinary family overcame the crass commercialism of America’s Christmas season.

    Over the past few years I have moved away from how I was raised and moved more toward a Christ based less commercialized Christmas. I am trying to teach my kids that it is the giving season, not necessarily that getting (as they will get some things). Super excited. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

  4. Super excited to learn about epiphany and advent in depth. I am grateful you collected all of these studies into one place.

    The purchase button didn’t work. ??

  5. I can wait to learn more! I always get the blues around Christmas because it feels like I’m the only one who tries to keep Christ first. And then I feel guilty because I feel like I bring everyone down when I’m not all pumped about all the other things.

  6. Super excited! Christmas is my favorite time of year and I’m always looking for better ways to bring Christ into it+

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