Johnny Appleseed Activities – Apple Smiles {Monday Meals}

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Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday celebration is this Saturday, September 26. So, enjoy a fun apple snack and our Johnny Appleseed activities as fun learning about apples activities.

This is so fun and healthy.  Yep, you read that right!  This is a healthy, apple snack.

Johnny Appleseed Activities - smile supplies
Johnny Appleseed Activities - smile slice
Johnny Appleseed Activities - smile pnutbutter
Johnny Appleseed Activities - top apple

What apple snacks do you serve your own kids?

Johnny Appleseed Activities - smile activity guide
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I have a Free Apple Activity Guide for you.  Besides math, writing, reading, science & art activities, it includes  Johnny Appleseed activities. You can also try some apple crafts

All you have to do is enter your first name and primary email below & click the button below. We will send it to you immediately.

Question: What apple activities do you do with your kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

how to simplify your homeschool
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