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I’ve failed with my goal

Last weekend I realized I had failed at something I shared here on this blog.  Remember my Organize Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day post?  Set the timer for 15 minutes each day – to clean your home in small steps?

Well, I failed.  I have not been doing this daily and my list is still here.  I’m printing it out as I write so I can check off the completed tasks and reorganize.

Home Organization - kitchen

On Monday I added the 15 Minute task to my Google calendar at 4pm each day for the next 3 weeks.  It pops up to remind me of what I need to do.  I actually cleaned my dresser & folded clothes during my 15 minutes on Monday.

Then, I failed again.  Really!

I didn’t do anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’m making up for it today.  This morning I partially cleaned my overloaded desk.  It took 15 minutes to go through 1 stack of papers.

This afternoon (at 4pm) I plan to clean my closet. My closet is the reason I added the 15 Minute task to my calendar in the first place.  It needs help!

Home Organization - closet

Thank goodness for grace . . . and tomorrow!  I’ll let you know how I do today & tomorrow.  Hopefully I can turn this into a 15 minute “daily” habit 🙂

Do you ever set goals in January and forget about them in February, March & April? How do you stay focused in the long run?




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6 Responses to I’ve failed with my goal

  1. Michele says:

    Glad to know really, we all fail sometimes. Thankfully God’s grace is there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kendra says:

    Hehe, I saw your kitchen pic and thought hmm that looks familiar, I saw the closet pic and my brain starts screaming “want!” I love summer shoes and flip-flops 🙂

    • Kerry Beck says:

      I have the hardest time keeping the kitchen counter by the phone clean. It’s where everything gets thrown when we come inside. Shoes…yes I live in flip-flops here in Texas.

  3. Mary says:

    The kitchen mess looks familiar……..

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