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Is It Worth the Wait? {Pre-Cyber Monday Goodies}

I remember remodeling our kitchen several years ago. I thought it would take 6-8 weeks and we would be finished by Thanksgiving. What I didn’t realize is the wood flooring still had to sit for a couple of weeks before they could seal it. That meant we couldn’t move everything back in our kitchen until just before Christmas.

But it was well worth the wait!

It’s a beautiful kitchen with a large island in the middle for a wide variety of activities … eating, studying, playing, checking email. Our kitchen is truly the center of our home.  We’ve used our kitchen to feed our family and many other families. So, waiting was definitely worth it.

Is Homeschooling Worth the Wait?

It’s somewhat like homeschooling.

Waiting to see how they will grow up can be tiring.  I sometimes wondered if what we were doing was actually working with your kids. I had to wait until now, when our kids became adults, to see the results of our homeschooling.

I can tell you … YES, it is definitely worth the wait.

What did we do in our homeschool to raise them to follow God, to think critically about the world around them, to be productive members of their communities, to have integrity and a work ethic?

The main thing we did was keep Christ the center. The center of our homeschool. The center of our holidays. The center of our home (including our kitchen). I’m sure our homeschool looked different from other families, but we wanted our kids to be different.

That’s one reason I have this blog and why I pull together resources to help families like you.  Homeschool families who want their kids to . . .

  • Have a love of learning & tools of learning
  • Think critically, outside-the-box
  • Follow God as an adult
  • Have integrity and a work ethic
  • Lead well as an adult
  • And parents want to follow a time-tested, kid-approved method

I have three homeschool packages that keep Christ the center. For some crazy reason, I’m offering them to you at a ridiculously low price.  I know it’s a busy time of year and finances can be strained. So, I ‘m offering what “worked for our family” at an affordable price.

What I share in each package is kid-tested, by my own kids. I thank God my kids are walking with God, thinking critically, leading their families, and working with integrity.

All of these packages are marked down to only $20 – $25, so you save 88 –  90% on each package. Some have never been priced this low before.

What’s the catch?

Nothing really. But you’ll need to grab the one that’s right for your family quickly. This price only lasts until Sunday, December 1 … just the next 72 hours. It’s our Pre-Cyber Monday Sale.

Why wait until Monday to save money on methods that truly work with kids? You have this entire weekend to see which E-Course is best for you.

Choose which one is best for your family by clicking the  images below.

Before you check out this fantastic sale, here’s my early Christmas gift to you. If you want all the E-courses below, I’ll give them to you for only $50. In other words, you buy 2 of our $25 E-courses and you get the whole enchilada.

The Whole Enchilada (yes, I’m from Texas) is ONLY $50!

How’s that for a deal?


What’s included in the Whole Enchilada?

  • 12-Week Christian Leadership E-Course** (Total Value: $207.32 – Pre-Cyber Sales Price $25)
    (Includes everything in Love of Learning AND Teach How to Think AND more)
  • 7-Week Approaches to Christian Homeschooling E-Course** (Total Value: $163.77 – Pre-Cyber Sales Price $25)
  • Christmas Celebration Package** (Total Value: $162.532 – Pre-Cyber Sales Price $25)
  • Advent Prep Tool Kit** (Total Value: $69.88 – Pre-Cyber Sales Price $20)
  • BONUS: Busy Mom’s Game Plan: How to Stay Close to God video workshop ($10)

WHOLE ENCHILADA Retail Value: $603.50

If you chose to buy each of these items individually in the Pre-Cyber Sale, you will pay a total of $105. No matter which way you look at it, (the retail price of the Whole Enchilada is $603.50 OR the Pre-Cyber Sales Price total $105) you’re saving a boatload of money.

OR…if you plan to get two of our E-Courses, you might as well grab the Whole Enchilada to receive everything we are offering this weekend.

When you purchase the Whole Enchilada, I recommend starting with Give Thanks: A Mother’s Prayer Journal and Give Thanks to God: Copywork for All Ages. These two resources will help you and your kids prepare your hearts for Christmas.

ADD the Whole Enchilada to Your CART

*** All prices with *** will include our  Christian Parenting Association trial membership. See details at the bottom of this email.

Read MORE about our 12-Week Christian Leadership ECourse
(retail $207.32SAVE 91%)
includes one free month CPA ***


ADD the 12-Week Christian Leadership E-Course to Your CART

How to give a firm foundation of character, a love of learning, tools of learning while keeping Christ the center of your kids’ lives.

Kerry packs the e-book with tons of practical ideas for implementing a leadership education. . . Grab a highlighter or pen and begin to make specific notes of how you’ll raise leaders…not followers! 
~ Diane L, Homeschool Mom &
NOTE: 12-Week Christian Leadership Course includes everything in our next two 6-Week E-Courses and MORE!
If you only need Love of Learning or Teach How to Think, choose below.
Love of Learning 6 Week Eclass

Read MORE about our 6-Week Love of Learning ECourse
(retail $80.92 – SAVE 75%)
includes one free month CPA ***


ADD the 6-Week Love of Learning E-Course to Your CART

Over 15 strategies to develop a Love of Learning and tools of learning for a lifetime and much more

Teach Your Children "How To Think" Eclass

Read MORE about our 6-Week Teach How to Think ECourse
(retail $80.92 – SAVE 75%)


ADD the 6-Week Teach How to Think E-Course to Your CART

You will receive encouragement and hands-on methods to mentor your children using classics. Read – Write – Discuss! That is the general method for training your children to think on their own in any area of study. I have even included suggestions for parents to begin their own education as they prepare to raise their children with real thinking skills for the future.

Discover which approach to homeschooling is best for your family & your children

Read MORE about our
7-Week Approaches to Christian Homeschooling E-Course

(retail $163.77SAVE 88%)
includes one free month CPA ***


ADD the 7-Week Approaches E-Course to Your CART

Which method should you use “this year” with each of your kids? It might be different from year to year.

I really liked (the books), really enjoyed them, and think they will definitely fill a need. This is the direction I have been heading …so your work will help me flesh out what this will mean in real life. Lots of good, practical info and I loved the links!  ~
Holly J, Homeschool Mom & Reviewer

Read MORE about Christmas Celebrations:
Putting Christ Back into Christmas

(retail $162.53– SAVE 88%)
includes one free month CPA ***


ADD the Christmas Celebration Package to Your CART

Too stressed? Too busy?  Too overwhelmed?
Too many activities? Too little time? Wrong focus during the holidays?

Simple methods to keep Christ the center of your Advent & Christmas.

I really appreciate you providing all of these items for such a low amount of money. . . . I can’t wait to start reading it with the children. ~ Teresa, Homeschool Mom

Read MORE about Pre Advent Tool Kit
(retail $69.88– SAVE 67%)
includes one free month CPA ***


Too stressed? Too busy?  Too overwhelmed?
Too many activities? Too little time? Wrong focus during the holidays?

Prepare YOUR heart and YOUR CHILD’S heart to celebrate Christmas

ADD the Advent Prep Tool Kit to Your CART

Pre-Cyber Monday Sale ends Sunday, December 1st

My Guarantee to You

By the way, in case you are wondering, I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Each bundle comes backed with a(30-day) 100% money-back guarantee! If you review any of these courses and don’t see that it improves your homeschool or holiday celebration, I will give you all your money back, no questions asked.

You literally have nothing to lose (and a whole lot to gain).

If you’re unsure which package is best for your family, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at

PS. Remember these resources have been kid-tested in a real, live homeschool!


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“Taking Care of Mom…So She Can Take Care of Your Family”
“Organizing Your Home To Spend More Time With Your Family”
“Approaches to Homeschooling”

Discover some of the best strategies and tips to use with your family while your children are still at home. Experts in taking care of Mom, time management, creative activities with your children, holiday celebrations, family health and much more will encourage you each month.

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