My Morning Started With An Implosion

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I don’t know what you were doing this morning, but Steve & I started early with a little excitement.

About 1 mile from our house stood a 17 story building, The Plaza, built in 1980.  Around 6:30am The Plaza was completely demolished in a few seconds… and I saw it!

We awoke early and walked to Texas Avenue (about 5-7 minute walk).  While we were in our neighborhood, I remarked that it sure was quiet.  I wondered if anyone else would be there.  As we neared Texas Avenue, we discovered this was a community event.  Our neighbors were riding their bikes.  Car filled the nearby parking lots. People everywhere to watch the event of 2012 in Bryan/College Station.

I guess it takes an implosion to bring a community together 🙂

Take a look (BTW… I accidentally deleted many of my photos…all the ones of the crowd, fire fighters & police).

Implosion of Plaza-cops
Before the implosion, the Plaza stands 17 stories high.  Watch the change near the Applebee’s sign.

Implosion of Plaza

Implosion of Plaza

Implosion of Plaza

Time to leave before the smoke catches us.

Thank goodness the smoke veered away from our neighborhood.  I feel for the businesses & homes nearby.

From the other side, my friend Amy Supak, shared her photos.

Implosion of Plaza Amy Supak Implosion of Plaza Amy Supak

(Photos courtesy of Amy Supak)

The tower was the last to fall as you can see in this photo.

If you want to see a video, there are 3 at the Eagle’s website right here. The one “across Texas Avenue” is our view and you see the crowd response during & after the implosion.

In the Pizza Hut video, you’ll hear people talking & birds chirping until BOOM!  Gone in seconds.

All the videos are worth watching. They’re all less than 30 seconds.

Watch the video and then check out an aerial view of what was left by clicking here.

This past week we’ve  all learned a lot about implosions, here in Bryan/College Station.  I wouldn’t be a good homeschool mom if I didn’t connect this current event with an educational activity…now would I?

If you want to learn more about implosions (demolishing a building from the inside), see How Stuff Works

Have you ever seen an implosion?  Please share your thoughts…

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    1. It’s been a great weekend. Also took a short trip to Austin Thursday night for a show. Stayed over at Pecan Street Inn (cool B&B)

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