Teaching Writing Supplemental Materials

So you’re using Teaching Writing Structure & Style, but need a little help.  That’s exactly what we have for you here . . . HELP!

Each of these resources will provide more lessons for a unit in Teaching Writing Structure & Style (TWSS) by IEW.  Choose the one you need for your family.

I just started using the IEW curriculum with my 6th grade daughter and my 8th grade son. He absolutely hated writing. Well, he loves it now. In fact, he asked me if we could dump his boring history text and DVDs for the DK 615 page History book. He would read it cover to cover and everyday write essays on what he learned. He proposed that the essays would be sufficient for a grade instead of multiple choice tests. How can I argue with that? What an incredible 180! ~Esther R.~Homeschool Parent

Articles & Stories for Unit 1 & 2

IEW - articles & stories for units 1&2A User Guide, friendly Teacher Pages, and Dress-Ups poster pages have been added to this collection of 39 easy paragraphs by Andrew Pudewa.  Helping you introduce the concept of key-word outlines and summarizing (Units 1/2).  Reproducible.

They are ideal for younger children grades. 1–3+ or students who have difficulty with reading and writing. Content spans general knowledge, animals, and Aesop’s fables.

•17 general topics
•16 animals/bugs
•6 Aesop’s fables
•Total of 39 short, one-paragraph articles and stories
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Story Sequence Sources-Unit 3 Narrative Stories
IEW - Story Sequence Sources-Unit 3 Narrative StoriesDo you need help with teaching your students how to write stories?  Look no  further.  Our packet is entirely devoted to improving story writing.

Suitable for all grade levels, these story sources provide teachers with lighthearted texts based on fables, myths, fairy tales, legends, and more.

In addition to the reproducible texts, the “Unit 3 Success Guide” includes Unit 3 directions, models, helps, and a sample outline for each story. (Unit 3 Success Guide included as an e-book only)

Includes 30 stories at three reading levels:
•17 stories for level A
•9 stories for level B
•4 stories for level C.
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Mini-Book Set Units 4 & 6

IEW - Mini Book Set Unit 4&6These Mini-Books are ideal for use in teaching Unit 6 (Summarizing Multiple References) in Teaching Writing Structure & Style .

This set contains 41 books. Printed front-to-back, the pages can be folded to create a mini-book to use as a source for Unit 4 or 6 writing.  Roughly half of them are at a 3rd-6th grade reading level with the other half suitable for 6th grade and up (the sample includes one book from each level).

Each book contains factual information about various animals such as hummingbirds, carp, sharks, and otters.  Because there are three books on each animal, these short texts can be used to simulate a research process where multiple references would be fused (Unit 6). They can also be used singly for Unit 1 or 4 writing.

Reproducible within the classroom. Third grade reading level and up. 41 mini books.

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Pictures for Unit 5
IEW - Picture for Unit 5These sets of humorous, sequential pictures were created specifically to help teach the Writing from Pictures model from the IEW syllabus. Suggested outlines of sample stories for selected pictures

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Dress-Ups, Decorations, and Delightful Diversions

Do you need help with teaching your students how to improve their writing?  Look no  further.  Our packet is entirely devoted to improving students’ style in writing.

To see a video review click here.

IEW - dress-up, decorations and delightful diversionsInspire and motivate students to write with impressive style!

This delightful collection of lessons and activities are perfect for teaching and mastering the IEW decorations and advanced dress-ups. Games and exercises are designed for level B-C students (grades 6+) are sharp level A students (grades 3-5) already successfully adding IEW’s basic stylistic techniques into their writing.

Bonus: The games file includes Simile Shenanigans, a game of completing and sharing similes from classic children’s literature. It includes enough cards to be played beyond the classroom for hours of family fun.

Stylistic Techniques:
–Synonyms for “Said”
–Strong Verbs
–“-ly” Adverbs
–“-ly” Imposters

IEW Charts:
–Sentence  Openers
–Transitional Words
–Triple Extensions

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Student Resource Notebook

IEW - Teaching Writing Supplemental Materials - How To Homeschool My Child Student Resource NotebookThis all-in-one, easy-to-use resource contains writing helps which students can refer to, including
•Models of Structure
•Style Charts
•Substitutes for Banned Words (and other great word lists)
•Grammar Rules
•and much more!

For more detailed information click here.

110 pages in a spiral bound book.

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Teaching Writing Structure & Style: Seminar Workbook

IEW Teaching Writing Structure & Style Seminar Workbook

Serving as both syllabus and workbook for the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style seminar, this essential resource also contains charts, word lists, sample lesson plans, and more. Purchase only if you already own or have access to the DVDs for the seminar—this Seminar Workbook is designed to accompany the DVDs, rather than to be used as a stand-alone.

160 pages in a three-ring binder.

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Structure and Style Overview DVD
IEW Structure and Style Overview DVD

In this 2 hour and 20 minute DVD and accompanying handouts, Andrew Pudewa introduces you to the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style method of teaching writing. Briefly covering the nine units of structure and introducing several stylistic techniques, Andrew gives the audience insight into why this method is so effective in teaching even the most reluctant writer.

Ideal for teachers to give to the parents of students in their classes.
Levels: A,B,C.

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