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Student Writing Intensive B – Institute for Excellence in Writing

Student Writing Intensive B – Institute for Excellence in Writing

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Are you afraid to teach your junior high student how to write?
Are you unsure how to make writing simple enough for your students to be successful?
Still wondering how to even get started in teaching writing?


The Student Writing Intensive is a ten-hour, plug & play seminar for your 6-8th grade students. That’s right, it’s for your student to watch and follow Andrew’s instructions. Your student will learn how to write from keyword outlines, how to outline their writings according to their assignment and how to improve their writing style…all at their own age level.

What’s even better is you can let your student watch these 4 DVDs while you work with other siblings or students. Once they finish watching their assignment, you can check to be sure they understand what direction they are headed. Leave the teaching to Andrew Pudewa, author of Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. He’s used this approach for years and taught thousands of students how to improve their writing.

For teachers and home educators, this course provides a model for teaching writing in a classroom. It can be used to introduce the new concepts to your students followed by writing practice.

For Parents, this seminar can serve as a stand-alone course to boost a child’s writing.

New! Now the Student Writing Intensive includes the Structure and Style Overview DVD and comes with daily lesson suggestions. Written by Jill Pike, these lessons suggest what portion of the disc to watch followed by several practice assignments to help the material stick.

Available on 4 DVDs, this package includes the student materials necessary to complete several assignments. Includes student binder with tabs for organizing. To choose the group appropriate for your student’s grade level, use this chart.

Student Writing Intensive Chart IEW Excellence in Writing Andrew Pudewa - SWI B

WHY I LIKE Student Writing Intensive B:

Writing skills & techniques are made simple enough for middle school & junior high students to improve their writing tremendously.  Spend time teaching “how” to write, instead of brainstorming “what” to write about.

I continue to be grateful for the excellent advice you gave me last summer. My oldest son struggles with written language (reading comprehension, writing, spelling, note-taking) and he recently asked me if his writing had improved this year. I could honestly say that it had improved dramatically, and he was thrilled! ~Judy 

9 Reasons Why I Like Student Writing Intensive B:

  • Plug & Play – You can let your children watch Andrew Pudewa teach each lesson and then make their assignment. All you will need to do is guide their writing process after watching the DVD lesson.
  • Stand-Alone Program – Boost your kids’ writing ability with this single program
  • Syllabus Included – Syllabus included in this package adds valuable additional assignments and suggestions to keep your student motivated and progressing through 12 weeks of practical work with the Student Writing Intensive
  • Spend Time on HOW to Write – Most writing programs spend most of their time brainstorming topics (what to write about) & precious little time on how to write well. IEW does just the opposite. This IEW program will teach your children HOW to write well. Best writing I’ve used or seen since 1999.
  • Basic & Intermediate Writing Concepts – Whether your kids are struggling or not, Andrew Pudewa has plenty of stylistic techniques to stretch your students.
  • Teaches A Variety of Writing Style & Structures – Your child will learn how to write simple paragraphs, stories, from a single references or multiple references, poetry, and more.
  • Stylistic Charts & Helps – I love these charts because you can use them when your student needs help brainstorming new quality adjectives or strong verbs.
  • Stories Written in Your Book – The stories are right here in the book for you. You do NOT have to spend time searching for each story and/or making it appropriate for the age of your child.
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products? That’s right! You do NOT pay shipping. It’s on us.


Generally, I recommend using Teaching Writing Structure & Style (TWSS) with Student Writing Intensive (SWI) to help moms/teachers be better teachers of writing as your students work through SWI.

You can use Student Writing Intensive (SWI) alone, but your child will have a better experience if you use TWSS alongside SWI. Here are the major differences.

1. TWSS teaches moms/teachers how to TEACH writing
2. SWI teaches students how to be better writers.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


To save $29, buy the Value Package which includes Teaching Writing: Structure & Style & Student Writing Intensive B) $249

Student Writing Intensive B”

YES! I want to save time and teach my kids to write well, using IEW’s Student Writing Intensive B for $109 with free shipping. 
I will receive:

  • Student Writing Intensive B Notebook
  • Student Writing Intensive B – 4 DVDs
  • Student Writing Intensive B packet
  • Structure & Style Overview DVDStylistic Charts & Helps inside the manual
  • FREE Shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Student Writing Intensive B comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

We do not know when we will receive new books from IEW.

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