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It’s been years since you took the SAT and there have been so many changes.  How can you help your kids do well on the SAT or the college applications?  Where can you find SAT essay prompts or sample college application questions?


…focusing on preparation for the SAT essay and the college/university application essay. This class has been sold out in every city where we’ve offered it – there must be a high demand for this kind of upper level prompt-based writing practice. The printed materials are on CD-Rom, so it’s a very economical course to do with a small group of students.

This seminar on four DVDs presents tools and tips for tackling the timed essay as currently included in the SAT exam, and introduces strategies for writing a well-done “personal essay” for a college application.

Recorded live at Biola University, this full-day class fills four DVD discs, with handouts on one CD-Rom for ease of use with multiple students. Previous experience with the IEW program is helpful, but not required; the content is significantly different from any of our other courses.

Part One

In Part One, students write two entire 25-minute essays (a “before” and “after”), review grading criteria from The College Board, complete several types of outlines, and learn how to continue practicing for the test.

Part Two
High School Essay Intensive review

Part Two discusses typical questions for college and university application “personal” essays, helps students determine structure based on length, and shows a concrete process for developing ideas. Participants write out one complete “TRIAC” paragraph, and work on a full outline for a real personal essay.

The CD-Rom contains the .PDF files for both seminar handouts, and several bonus files (text, .mp3, and PowerPoint) dealing with other aspects of SAT preparation.

WHY I LIKE High School Essay Intensive:

Andrew Pudewa knows that students approach essay writing in a variety of ways.  That’s why he gives strategies for each type of student: afraid they will run out of time, panic about content, need more time because they mentally short circuit under pressure.  Your students will enjoy learning from Andrew. Why else do you think this workshop is always sold out, across the country?

8 Reasons Why I Like High School Essay Intensive –

  • Practice Essays & Sample Application Questions – The best way to be successful on the SAT is lots of practice, so plenty of practice is included.
  • Tips & Tricks to Be Successful – Regardless of what type of writer your student is, they will learn tips & tricks to be successful under pressure.  Tips to be used Before the test & During the test.
  • 7 Simple Steps – Your student will learn 7 simple steps to attack timed essays sucessfully
  • 6 Point Rubric for GradingYou’ll get a copy of the College Board’s rubric for grading timed essays
  • Analysis of Sample Essay –Let your students read other essays & use the College Board rubric to grade.
  • Chocolate – Who doesn’t like chocolate?  You’ll need lots for lesson 1 🙂
  • Quotes – Lots of quotes are included so your students can choose the best for each essay.
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products? That’s right! You do NOT pay shipping. It’s on us.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


High School Essay Intensive review

Grab LOTS of chocolate and get started with the High School Essay Intensive. You’ll need the chocolate for the first writing lesson anyway, so go ahead and be prepared. You don’t have anything to lose with our money-back guarantee. You’ll be glad you did.



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