Following Narnia Writing Lessons Vol. 2 – Aslan’s Country

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Do you want your students to think critically about their reading assignment?
Are you tired of writing a separate lesson plan for writing & for reading?
Are you unsure how to create writing lessons from your kids’ literature?


Following Narnia Writing Lessons – Vol. 2 includes 29 writing & reading lessons. Using the last four novels in The Chronicles of Narnia® (Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderThe Silver Chair, and The Last Battle), this series of 29 lessons designed for grades 6-8 beckons students to experience the enchanted land of Narnia through structure and style. As they read the 4 books, they will work through units 1-9 from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style.  In addition to units 1-9, you will have writing lessons that include character analysis, symbolism analysis, theme analysis and a response to literature essay.

Your teacher manual includes your weekly lesson plan, but assumes you have viewed the DVDs or attended  a live Teaching Writing: Structure and Style.  After you teach the lesson, your students will use the rest of the week to write, edit & rewrite.  The teacher manual also includes a section to teach vocabulary from the Narnia series, as well as checklists & sample essays for each lesson.

The student manual provides your student with all the information & background teaching for each lesson.  After the teaching of the lesson, your student book gives the assignment for the week….step-by-step.  The student manual has space & outlines for each exercise your student will complete.

Following Narnia Vol 2: Aslan's Country - Fantastic writing lessons - See review from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comEverything your student needs to be successful in his reading & writing assignments are included in their student manual.


I wish we had Following Narnia when my kids were young.  We all enjoyed reading the books & this resource would be a great addition to thinking critically & writing about the books.

8 Reasons Why I Like Following Narnia:

  • Less Time Spent Writing Lessons – You can use IEW techniques in other subjects and this program uses IEW and CS Lewis’ Narnia series to implement this. along with writing about the Narnia stories, the students will also integrate science and history in their writing.  Lesson plans are already written for you.  Just follow them each week.
  • Spend Time on HOW to Write – Most writing programs spend most of their time brainstorming topics (what to write about) & precious little time on how to write well. IEW does just the opposite. This IEW program will teach your children HOW to write well. Best writing I’ve used or seen since 1999.
  • Comes With a Teacher’s Manual – This is just one less thing you have to worry about when preparing for teaching writing. With a teacher’s manual it is all set up and ready to go for you with in-depth explanations, tips, and other notes to ensure successful use of Following Narnia.
  • Step by Step Lessons and Reading Schedule – Save yourself time planning & implementing these lessons. Everything is done for you in Following Narnia. Each lesson has goals and a reading schedule, so you know what is expected of you and your child.  Just open the teacher manual and teach the lesson. It’s that easy.
  • Teaches A Variety of Writing Style & Structures – Your child will learn how to write simple paragraphs, stories, from a single references or multiple references, poetry, and more.
  • Grades 6-8 – You can use this with multiple ages & multiple grades. One program for many students.
  • Student Resource Notebook Printable – Yep, that’s right. You can print out a student resource notebook for each child in your immediate family. You don’t have to order separate notebooks, just print & insert into binder. You & your child are ready!
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products? That’s right! You do NOT pay shipping. It’s on us.


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If you are reading the Chronicles of Narnia, make it easy on yourself and use Following Narnia: Writing Lessons in Structure & Style – Volume 2 below. You’ll be glad you did.


Following NarniA VOLUME 2: Aslan’s Country

YES! I want to stop writing too many lessons and start using IEW’s Following Narnia: Writing Lessons in Structure & Style – Volume 2 for $49 with FREE shipping!
I will receive:

  • Following Narnia – Vol. 2 Student Book
  • Following Narnia – Vol. 2 Teacher’s Manual
  • Student Resource Notebook (ebook)
  • FREE Shipping!

I UNDERSTAND… that Following Narnia: Writing Lessons in Structure & Style – Vol. 2 comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.

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