All About Spelling Teaches How to Spell a Word

Dear Homeschoool Parent & Spelling Teacher,

Did you know that a hundred years after the last wagon went over the Oregon Trail, you can still see the wagon ruts? Now that was a well-worn path!

This is what we want for your students: permanently ingrained learning.

All About Spelling is an excellent program if you are just beginning to teach your child spelling, or if your child needs remedial help. Here’s why it works:

All About Spelling Reviews How to Spell a WordThe All About Spelling program won’t give your student time to forget anything. Continual review and spelling practice is so important that each day’s lesson begins with a review of previous material.

And you won’t have to remember to do it, either, because the daily review and spelling practice is worked right into the lesson for you. We will keep treading that path until it is permanent as the Oregon Trail – and you & your students will still see the effects years from now!

All About Spelling is designed to work with how the student’s mind naturally learns, and this is an important concept.

Think of a filing cabinet: instead of tossing information in randomly, we are helping your student collect all of the information about the letters in one location and neatly file it away in the cabinet. When we enable the student to learn information in an orderly manner, the end result is greater learning.

All About Spelling Level 1 was part of the PAL:Writing package and we LOVE it!

We are learning to spell phonetically and I have been impressed with the way my daughter is already learning to listen to the word & think about the sounds, rather than just guess. The program is self-paced so it is easy to accommodate both quick and slow spellers. 

There are no word lists for her to slave over. She learns 10 words by decoding the phonetics and then can spell correctly 15 new words by dictation, not previously taught, which are in the same phonetic grouping.

With IEW I have not only an enjoyable & effective writing program for my kids, but also teacher training for me as well.  I listened to an hour long instructional video on how to use the various parts of the program, taught by the author of PAL:Writing, which was included on the programís CD. 

I feel as if I have received not just a writing program for my children, but valuable training for myself on how to use this program to teach my children how to write.  I look forward to using more IEW programs after Primary Arts of Language: Writing.

Heidi, Bryan, TX

All About Spelling is multisensory.
The lessons use a diverse group of spelling activities, including sight, sound, and touch. Children learn best when they are physically involved in the learning process, so we take advantage of that fact with this hands-on approach to learning and teaching spelling.

All About Spelling is logical.
Spelling concepts are taught in a logical, understandable order. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. The sequence has been carefully tested to produce long-term results. And this is as much a benefit to you as it is to your student – especially if you’ve been struggling with how to teach spelling.

No gaps.
This is something that you can trust with the All About Spelling program: your child won’t be left with gaps or holes in his or her understanding of spelling. If there is a reliable spelling rule that will help your child out, we teach it. If there is a tip that will help your child master a certain spelling pattern, it’s in there. And it’s all presented in a very logical order.

The program is mastery-based, not grade-level based, so when students master a specific concept, they move on. If a child needs more practice in a certain area, we allow for that so the child can really master each concept. There’s no sense building on a shaky foundation, because that will cause spelling difficulties down the road when the spelling words get harder. At All About Spelling, we’ve identified the concepts that are most important for your child to master, and we’ve weeded out any busy work.

All About Spelling has continual review.
As the child learns new material, he or she also constantly reviews previously-taught concepts with daily spelling practice. We don’t just “teach it and forget it” – we make sure that it really sticks.

Finally, the program is clear.
This means that children are taught what they need to know in a direct manner. They don’t have to guess or come to their own conclusions about the English language.

These techniques have long been used by Orton-Gillingham practitioners, and now they are available to home educators and tutors through the All About Spelling program. All About Spelling combines the very best of the Orton-Gillingham approach with the latest research and proven spelling rules. And best of all, the scripted lesson plans are very clear and easy for you to follow.

This program has helped thousands of kids learn how to spell.

All About Spelling addresses the three learning modalities by using a wide variety of spelling activities:

Watching as new letter and phonogram combinations as well as spelling words are demonstrated with letter tiles
Seeing the spelling words written down
Looking at & reading the flashcards during the review sessions

Reviewing flashcards orally
Segmenting words aloud
Saying the sounds of the phonograms as they are written down

Writing down dictated phonograms, phrases & sentences
Building new spelling words with letter tiles
Practicing spelling with the pointer finger on various surfaces

All About Spelling Reviews How to Spell WordsComponents of Level 1:

Level One in the All About Spelling series brings together the three pathways to learning – auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (touching). This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures that students retain what they learn and understand how to apply it in practical situations.

In a practical, hands-on way, your student will learn:
How to say and write the first 32 phonograms
How to segment words into their individual sounds
Short and long vowel sounds
How to identify and count syllables in a word
How to choose between c and k at the beginning of a word
When to double f, l, and s
How to spell /k/ at the end of a word
How to form plural words by adding s or es
Compound words
Open and closed syllable types
…and more!

The multisensory learning tools and activities included in the program help your student master important spelling concepts.

The Flashcards provide a visual and hands-on way to help your student learn and review phonograms, words, and spelling rules.

The Spelling Review Box helps you organize the flashcards so you can quickly see which words, phonograms, and spelling rules your student still needs to learn and review. (Flashcards and dividers are included; you supply the 3×5″ index card box.)

The Segmenting Words activity helps your student identify the individual sounds in a word so that he can spell more easily and accurately.

Concept-oriented spelling lists that are grouped by similar phonograms and spelling rules accelerate learning by organizing ideas in the student’s mind and allowing the student to concentrate on and master one or two main concepts before moving on.

Key Cards clearly present key ideas, concepts, and spelling rules that help your student thoroughly understand why a word is spelled the way it is and how to apply that knowledge to many other words.

The More Words and Dictate Phrases sections reinforce current and previously learned concepts, increase the student’s repertoire of words, and allow the student to apply his knowledge in practical situations.

Tips for the teacher anticipate and provide answers to your questions and give you on-the-spot strategies for helping your student overcome stumbling blocks. Worked seamlessly into the lessons, tips are placed right where you need them, when you need them, so you can continue your teaching uninterrupted.

The Progress Chart gives your student a visual reminder of how far he has come and motivates him to master the next step.

Features are arranged in three easy-to-follow sections:

Review: The Review section provides continual review of phonograms, spelling words, and important concepts so your student can advance confidently from one lesson to the next without the frustration of having to re-learn previous material. All About Spelling doesn’t “teach it and forget it.”
New Teaching: The step-by-step lesson plans lay out new material clearly and concisely and save you valuable time. You don’t need a degree in education or hours of planning every night to teach All About Spelling – all the work has been done for you.
Reinforcement: The important Reinforcement section gives your student the opportunity to apply what he has learned and to use that knowledge in practical situations.

By the end of Level One, your student will be able to write phrases such as:

the pink pig
camp in tents
sad songs
a stiff neck
big clamshell
quick snack

The 24 steps of Level One progress in a logical, sequential order. Through direct instruction, students learn exactly what they need to know in order to spell well.

What is included in each set?
At each level, the set includes one teacher’s book and one student PacketAll About Spelling Reviews How to Spell a Word

Grab Level One (1) by clicking here for $30.00

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Do I need more than one Student Packet?
If you are teaching more than one student at a time, each student should have his own Material Packet so that he has his own set of flashcards. The cards, which are arranged behind dividers for Review, Mastered, and Future Lessons, are used for customized review. One student may need extra practice with particular Phonogram Cards, while another student may need extra practice spelling certain words.

All About Spelling ActivitiesBuy Level 1 Student Packet

Buy Level 2 Student Packet

If you are teaching just one student at a time, you can reuse the Material Packet when the first student is completely finished with the level.

Check out sample lessons.

Check out scope and sequence.

Components of Basic Interactive Kit:

All About Spelling Reviews - Spelling ActivitiesThe All About Spelling program is multisensory, and the Basic Interactive Kit contains components that enable your child to learn through sight, sound, and touch.

The Basic Interactive Kit includes these four items: Letter Tiles, Magnets for the Letter Tiles, Phonogram CD-ROM, and the Divider Cards.

Purchased separately, these items normally total $38.00. Save $8.00 when you purchase these items as a kit for $30.00.

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