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If you are like me, you struggle to help all your students choose strong verbs and quality adjectives for their specific writings. That takes a lot of work.

Your kids also struggle to find new & different words that express exactly what they are trying to communicate in their writings.

Kids use the same words over and over and over again.


IEW has solved your problem with A Word Write Now, a book of structured Word Lists for Stylized Writing by Loranna Schwacofer.  In a nutshell, it’s a kid thesaurus.  It’s much better than the ones you find online for free.  Why?

In this magnificent full-color 100 page spiral-bound reference, an experienced Structure & Style writing teacher has brilliantly organized words not by definitions or meanings—but by character qualities and behavior trait.

IEW A Word Write Now: A Thematic Thesaurus for Stylized WritingFor each character trait, you will have the following at your fingertips:

  • Definition of that character quality
  • Famous quote on that trait
  • Excerpts from literature about that character
  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives,& Adverbs that go along with that trait
  • An extra column for additional words

In addition to synonyms for character traits, this resource includes a descriptive word section, a movement & senses word section.

Find the words your students need in their writings, by looking at these lists – divided by parts of speech. These lists make it is easy for young or old students to find the best ly adverbs, quality adjectives, strong verbs or quality nouns as they search the character or behavior of the person, animal, event or idea they want to describe.  Perfect resource for families using Teaching Writing: Structure & Style or one of IEW’s theme-based writing lessons because students can find words to complete their stylistic checklist.  When your kids have a banned word, they can find alternatives in this excellent resource.

WHY I LIKE A Word Write Now:

Some kids are naturally word-rich and others need a little help.  I was one of those kids who needed a little help with words.  This would have been the perfect tool for me to use as I learned to write well.  When a student struggles to use new & vivid words in his writing, A Word Write Now can help find just the right word.

10 Reasons Why I Like A Word Write Now

  • Saves You Time & EnergyUse this tool as you teach ly words, strong verbs & quality adjectives.  They are all included 🙂  
  • Saves Your Students Time & Energy – Instead of becoming overwhelmed with a regular thesaurus (or free online thesaurus), this tool provides synonyms for words kids will use in their writing.
  • Illustrated & In Color – It’s beautiful!  You will want to get a copy of this book for each child.  They can use this book year after year.  In the end, they will have a keepsake.
  • Parts of Speech Chart – Definitions & examples of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs & prepositions.
  • Transitional Words Chart – I still use my transitional word list.  This chart will help your children improve their sentences & paragraphs by using transitions.
  • Prepositions Chart Since IEW teaches the use of prepositions, your kids will have a list from which to choose.
  • Literary Genre & Devices Chart – Definitions & examples of each literary device so kids can use them well.
  • Grades 2 & up – Kids of all ages can use this tool effectively in their writing.
  • Teaching Tips – How to use & teach with A Word Write Now. Also includes games to play. This makes your work so simple.  It’s all laid out for you!
  • Reproducible for Family Use – Although I recommend getting a copy for each of your children, this tool is reproducible with your immediate family.
  • FREE Shipping – Did I mention we offer FREE shipping on all IEW products?  That’s right!  You do NOT pay shipping.  It’s on us.


100% Money Back Guarantee…for Life.  I may request a refund of the purchase price, as long as the product is in re-saleable, like new condition.


Use A Word Write Now whenever your students need to find the best word for their writing assignment. This is a kid thesaurus they can use from one year to the next.  Grab a copy for each of your students so they can expand their word bank and personal vocabulary list.


IEW A Word Write Now: A Thematic Thesaurus for Stylized Writing


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