Hunter’s World Race {Day 9}

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During the month of November my blog focuses on giving thanks. One way we can help our kids be thankful is moving their focus from self to others. At Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch, I shared how we helped our own kids focus on others and become more mission-minded.

But . . . the real proof is in the pudding!

So, let’s take a look at our kids as adults. Did those “thankful activities” raise them to be others-focused and mission-minded? Although all of our kids look for ways to serve others, I’m sharing Hunter’s story today.

Hunter leaves in January on an 11-month mission trip called the World Race. It’s the perfect example of being mission-minded and others-focused. His team will travel to 11 countries (1 per month). Each time they land in their new country, they will pray about what God wants them to do. As they are led by God, they will start ministering to those around them.

Sometimes they will share the Gospel.
Sometimes they will plant seeds.
Sometimes they might only prepare the soil.

Some places he will visit are not accepting of Jesus Christ. So, prepping & tilling the soil might be God’s work for them.

Hunter’s heart is to be intentional in following God, to use this trip for the future. That might include full-time mission work in the future. Or, he might go back to corporate life. Either way, God will use this to grow Hunter into a man of God who will lead and serve well.

Hunter’s Story from His Mom’s Perspective

The one book we could always get Hunter to read was his Bible.  We tried fiction and non-fiction, but we watched him consistently read his Bible each morning.  As he grew up, we wondered how God would use this.

We also encouraged our kids to focus on missions in a variety of ways. I believe these activities encouraged our kids to support mission work as adults.

  1. Our family went deep into Mexico on several trips.
  2. Our kids sold pumpkin bread and chocolate chip cookies to buy Christmas gifts for overseas, missionary kids.
  3. Our family took Christmas gifts and a meal to families in our local area.
  4. Our family supported a Compassion child

Fast Forward 15-20 years

Last January, Hunter told me about the World Race and his desire to go in 2019.  After being interviewed and accepted into the World Race, Hunter was not sure of his choice. He shared his uncertainty with the World Race, who sensed his unease. They encouraged him to spend time praying through his decision to see if this is where God wanted him.  As a mom, I was impressed they didn’t hold him hostage to his original decision.

A few months later, Hunter received notice from his employer that he could have an 11-month leave of absence. What employer gives you an 11-month leave of absence and approves it ten months before you leave? This was out of the ordinary. I immediately thought, “This is God working. God wants you to go on the World Race.”  I kept my mouth closed (believe it or not) and a week later Hunter told us that he had peace about the World Race. He accepted their invitation again.

Since last spring, Hunter has been preparing for this mission trip both spiritually and financially. He’s bought all sorts of equipment because he will live out of a backpack. He’s praying in preparation of God’s work.

I am proud of his decision to go on the World Race, but I will miss him.  However, I know he’s in the hands of God, who will take better care of him than his mom.

I do have a favor of YOU!

If my emails, blog, books, resources, workshops have ever encouraged you, would you consider partnering with Hunter?

How Can You Partner with Hunter?

1. Your kids could pray for Hunter’s trip. He will post updates on his blog right here.

You can subscribe to get updates by clicking here. Each time you receive an update, get your kids together and pray for God’s work through Hunter’s team. You could even track his course on a world map.

2. Buy a t-shirt from Hunter. All proceeds help Hunter raise his support. The t-shirts are $25. I can already here many homeschoolers say to themselves, “Really…$25 for a t-shirt”.

Let’s put this in perspective.

You’re buying a t-shirt but the profit sends a 25-year-old young man to share the Gospel around the world. If $25 is too much, but you’d like to support Hunter, I suggest letting your kids earn money to buy one of his shirts. Or, simply make a cash donation in whatever amount God puts on your heart.

Click here to get a t-shirt

My prayer is this story encourages you to raise your kid to be others-focused and mission-minded. It takes lots of work, but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll have to wait a few years, but I believe you will see your own “proof in the pudding”.

Question: How are you encouraging your kids to be others-focused and mission-minded? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


how to simplify your homeschool
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