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Homeschool Super Heroes Week encourages & inspires moms to start your homeschool year with confidence, knowing you're doing enough!

July 22-26, 2024

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Feels Like a Never-Ending Chore

So . . . you’re having those homeschool PTSD thoughts, wondering...

  • What if I might mess up my kids’ homeschooling?
  • It’s my first year of homeschooling. How do I do it?
  • How do I juggle homeschooling, working, housework, schedules?
  • How can I homeschool multiple kids and ages?
  • How can I motivate my kids?
  • Can I homeschool my child with autism or ADHD or other special needs?
  • How can I homeschool with very little money?
  • Homeschooling high school scares me!
  • Can I work and homeschool my kids?

My answer is “OF COURSE”!

If you have just 1 minute, I’ll show you the next best thing . . . A private invitation to a week with 35+ Homeschool Super Heroes for FREE.

Discover how our Super Heroes can help jumpstart your homeschool in the short video below.

Let’s Stop Making It Up as You Go!

What if you could sit in the home of an experienced homeschooler,
asking any question you have about homeschooling?

Your answer would be “OF COURSE”!

If you have just 1 minute, I’ll show you the next best thing . . . A private invitation to a week with 35+ Homeschool Super Heroes for FREE.

Discover how our Super Heroes can help jumpstart your homeschool in the short video below. We homeschooled for 10 years. Mid-way through our homeschooling years, I discovered Leadership Education. I used trial and error to implement a better way to homeschool.

At the time, I wish I had veteran homeschoolers who would walk me through the process. Showing me the four steps to raising my kids to lead and influence for Jesus. To give me confidence to hop off that conveyor belt and teach real life skills. Life skills that would benefit my kids for life.

I was in the trenches, blindly planning each year. I don't want you to try & figure it out on your own. So, I asked some of my homeschooling friends to share their knowledge and encouragement with you.

With my expert speakers, YOU CAN SKIP all that "trial & error" stuff.

Homeschool Super Heroes Week is "the"

back to school event for ALL homeschoolers . . .

To help you stop stressing out by showing you simple, practical ways to gain confidence to know you're doing the right activities.

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Here's what you'll get:

  • Confidence to homeschool differently following a proven strategies of real education, not schooling
  • Stop your overwhelm of adding more activities to your already busy plate, showing you how to use these strategies to launch your kids into real life
  • Answers to your burning questions from preschool to teens, writing to science, special needs to gifted, chaos to organized
  • Seasoned homeschoolers sharing what worked & didn't work, so YOU can avoid their mistakes and have a better homeschool

Let's Have FUN as You Discover the KEY to Giving Your Kids the BEST Education Available

Who else has Super Heroes sharing the KEY to Homeschooling?

With a combined total of 499 years of homeschooling experience, our Super Heroes are real homeschoolers who are (or have been) in the trenches. They are here to help you avoid mistakes so you can homeschool with confidence this year. Each has a super power that will help you jumpstart your homeschool in the right direction.

But is it affordable for homeschool families?

Can you say, “FREE”? Keep reading to find out how you can attend for free.

Check out some of this year’s Homeschool Super Heroes.

And to make Homeschool Super Heroes Week more practical, we have a mix of prepared sessions, interviews (I ask questions you want answered) and live sessions each day. You'll hear from people like:

Join 35 Experts Who Share Their Tips, Tricks & Secrets

You'll find a variety of tracks for moms & dads,

as well as some sessions for your teens to attend.

  • How to Homeschool
  • Homeschool Subject Areas
  • Homeschool Encouragement
  • Teens & Preteens
  • Preschool
  • Special Needs
  • Parenting & Faith
  • Planning & Organization

Get a Complete Listing of All Our Workshops & Descriptions right here.

That Sounds Expensive.

Is It Affordable?

How about an Important Reason that Homeschool Super Heroes Week is Different?

HSHW is partnering with International Association of Creation (IAC). Kerry is donating 5% of her HSHW profits to IAC.

In addition to Kerry’s donation, some speakers will donate 5% of their commissions. Kerry will double each speaker’s donation, by matching their donation.

You'll also receive our World Maps & Prayer Prompts Printables for your kids to participate in Homeschool Super Heroes Week. This guide is worth $15. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous bonus item for ALL attendees.

Supercharge Your Homeschooling in 5 Days

Let's take a closer look at what's included in your Basic Pass (FREE) to help you know you're doing the right activities and doing enough in your homeschool to start your year with a bang!

Expert help with proven ways to give your kids an elite education.

50+ Original Workshops ($300)

  • To uplift you when you're feeling tired in the middle of the year
  • Available to watch the first 24 hours after release
  • Proven homeschool strategies so your kids are ready for life when they graduate
  • Ultimate homeschool event to be completely ready to teach your kids this year

Get your questions answered by our speakers and experienced moms

Private Summit Community ($50)

  • Safe place to ask questions and get help
  • Find trusted advice that really works in the midst of a crazy day
  • Take your time and be inspired as soon as you grab your VIP Pass

Let's keep our focus on God in your homeschool

Daily Prayer Room (PRICELESS)

  • Meet with Prayer Coordinator, Jan Burt. She will pray for you.
  • All requests are confidential. No recordings of the Zoom Room that hour.
  • Get God's help & the support you need to finish strong this year.

Be inspired each day as you hear stories of our Super Heroes of the Faith.

Kick-Offs with Kerry ($35)

  • Sunday Night Kick-Off
  • Daily Kick-Offs
  • Discover how men and women of faith who followed God, despite their difficult circumstances

Need more time to watch or listen?
Have a busy week ahead?

Option to Upgrade to VIP ($29-$75)

  • Instant & Lifetime Access ($400)
  • "Listen on the Go" Private Podcast ($300)
  • VIP Bonus Bundle ($502)

Get the Summit Basic Pass Now
so You Can Be

a Rockstar Homeschool Mom

July 22-26, 2024

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There's Never Been a Better Time to Give Your Kids a Love of Learning & the Tools of Learning

It gets even better!
Get these Bonuses when you grab your Basic Free Pass

SHW SUMMIT BONUS #1 ($1264 Value)

From masterclasses to printables.
From preschool to elementary to high school.
There's something for all ages, as well as for moms!

Your Digital Swag Bag

  • Free items from our speakers & sponsors
  • Discounts on resources to help you keep going this year

HSHW BONUS #2 ($20 Value)

Join in on the FUN with our Sponsors. We have encouragement, freebies, door prizes and giveaways on July 9 and July 22.

Summit Facebook Parties

  • Prizes & Freebies
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Encouragement & Inspiration

HSHW BONUS #3 ($15 Value)

Our team created a special World Maps & Prayer Prompts for your kids this week

World Maps & Prayer Prompts Printable

  • World Maps for you & your kids to pray for countries who are not free to homeschool
  • Prayer Prompts daily from our Prayer Coordinator, Jan Burt
  • Letter writing pages for your kids to write to homeschoolers around the world, who need encouragement

HSHW Summit Bonuses: $1299

Total Value of Summit Basic Free Pass: $1684

Normal Price: $75
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Homeschooling Demystified

Discover Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Sign Up Today to be inspired and
Find the Secrets You Need to Start 2024 Strong.

  • Attend in your PJ's if you like. Or, watch in bed before you go to sleep.
  • Get the keys to homeschooling what matters most because we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Stop the busy work. Discover a better way to homeschool.
  • Ultimate event to give REAL solutions so you give your kids the best education possible from seasoned homeschoolers.

There's never been a better time, Mama!

The Basic Free Pass is the perfect ticket to
quit doing it all by yourself & get the support you need & deserve for your homeschool.

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Create a Homeschool Your Kids will Love!

Hi, I'm Kerry, your hostess for Homeschool Super Heroes Week.

My goal is to help homeschoolers avoid the mistakes I made when I homeschooled my 3 (now adult) kids.

Why am I doing this?

I know what it’s like to be in the trenches as a homeschool mom. Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from experienced homeschoolers . . . real homeschoolers with real experience balancing school & family with cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring, or even working.

During Homeschool Super Heroes Week, you’ll get answers to questions you have on your mind.

How do I know this?

We carefully selected our Homeschool Super Heroes according to your needs and their expertise.

I remember having a few older women in my life that I could go ask questions about being a good mom. Unfortunately, I didn't have an older homeschool mom to bounce off ideas. My homeschool friends were all in the same boat as me ... down in the trenches of educating our kids.

I don't want you to be in the same situation as me. I'm passionate about helping you inspire a love of learning in their kids, as well as a love for Jesus, being able to think critically & make wise decisions.

Will you let us help you
avoid the mistakes we made in homeschooling
... and share the things that worked well?

What Makes the
Homeschool Super Heroes Week
Different from Other Online Events?

Great Question . . .

HSHW is partnering with International Association of Creation (IAC). Kerry is donating 5% of her HSHW profits to IAC.

In addition to Kerry’s donation, some speakers will donate 5% of their commissions. Kerry will double each speaker’s donation, by matching their donation.

What is IAC?

In Bolivia a few years ago . . . the International Association of Creation (IAC) worked with the national Christian homeschool leadership and the Ministry of Sports & Culture to coordinate the initiative and draft public policy that legalizes homeschooling in Bolivia.

Did you know homeschooling is illegal in many countries?

IAC works to make homeschooling legal around the world.

From the crystal clear waters of South Florida to the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest, from the rolling green hills of Ireland to the vast outback of Australia, each IAC affiliated ministry is unique, serving various communities across many nations, reaching many tribes, impacting many people, and sharing Christ in many languages.

Through proven strategies and success we work with national leaders across the world to make quality Christ-centered education available for everyone to enjoy. HSHW is joining IAC as they continue equipping hearts, nurturing minds, and transforming lives.

As a global Christian ministry, IAC is dedicated to bringing quality Christ-centered education to the nations by creating access and opportunity. Faith-based leadership development and interactive learning are flourishing at IAC with some of the world’s best-in-class examples of quality Christ-centered education.

HSHW is excited to partner with IAC to continue securing rights, establishing liberty, and influencing nations. In other words, working to make homeschool legal around the world.

STAY TUNED: Each morning of Homeschool Super Heroes Week, Jan Burt, our Prayer Coordinator, will share a story about one country and how you can specifically pray for them that day. I hope you will involve your children in praying during HSHW.

How does IAC Help Homeschoolers Across the Globe?

IAC works with national Christian homeschool leaders in over ninety nations to advance homeschool freedom and education reform. Through public policy and civil society initiatives, IAC secures rights, establishes liberty, and influences nations while creating access and opportunity for every image-bearer to take advantage of quality Christ-centered education.

HSHW is all about helping homeschoolers, no matter where they live. Let’s work together to offer the FREEDOM to homeschool from anywhere in the world.

FREE BONUS (value $15) with Basic Pass:

When you grab your FREE Basic Pass, you’ll receive our World Maps & Prayer Prompts Ebook. This is a collaboration between our Super Heroes (Annette Breedlove, Steven Policastro, Jan L Burt and Kerry Beck).

You can print off copies for each child so they can follow our daily praye requests for countries around the world. You’ll receive maps to color as you hear about homeschooling around the world. You can also use the prayer journal pages and letter writing templates to let your child write to homeshoolers in other places of the world.


Use this FREE ebook for geography, letter writing, Bible, prayer and character building (faithfulness, perseverance, patience).


Thank you to Super Hero, Annette Breedlove, for creating this ebook for us.

With this year's Basic Free Pass,
you'll be energized & encouraged in no time!

Here's what you'll love about the Summit:

  • Focused, Practical Workshops on topics that help you prepare for the upcoming homeschool year! From how to teach a subject area to how to get organized & planned to special needs, teens or preschoolers. We've got you covered.
  • Encouragement like you won't see at other online homeschool events. You'll discover simple solutions to your weakness. Our Super Heroes have been in the trenches, like you. They will help you avoid their mistakes.
  • The members-only Facebook community to answer all of your questions in a safe place ... with seasoned homeschoolers to help you stop burnout now!
  • Proven methods to power up your homeschool. Get your kids excited about learning and lose the attitude ... Sound good?

By signing up for the Summit, your name & email will be shared with our sponsors.

How Can We Offer YOU a

Free Ticket for the Summit?

Homeschool Super Heroes Week is free for you because of our generous sponsors.

A great big thank you for each one of them. Take a moment to click on the logos below and visit them to show your support.

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Most homeschooling moms are doing homeschooling all wrong. You won't with our Homeschool Super Heroes Week!


We know you're a busy mom, so we're offering all sessions for 24 hours so you can watch it at times that meet your schedule.


Homeschooling can be lonely, can't it?! We firmly believe that a "rising tide lifts all boats." Come grow with us in our community!


Get God's help and the support you need to finish strong this year. Let prayer coordinator, Jan Burt, pray for you. All requests remain confidential.


Claim your gifts to help you emerge victorious as you finish out homeschooling this spring.

Who is Homeschool Super Heroes Week for?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You want to make a change to give your kids a better education, but not sure how to do it
  • You're overwhelmed, stressed out wondering if you're even doing it right, doing the right activities
  • You feel like you're failing your kids, wondering if they are learning anything

This isn't for you if:

  • Your children wake up excited to learn everyday and have a great attitude
  • You're rocking & rolling, top of your game
  • You are completely ready for a new school year and know for sure it is perfect

Here's what Other

Happy Customers are Saying!

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How do I watch the workshops for free?

Sign up below for a Basic Pass. Then, check your email each day for the release of the daily workshops. You'll have 24 hours to watch any or all of that day's workshops. 

Where do I watch the workshops?

Super easy - The event is 100% online and starts on Monday, July 22. Watch your email each day for a link to that day's workshops. Click on the link to that day's workshops. Choose the tracks and sessions you want to watch and open up their workshop.

Are the workshops live? Do I need to watch at a certain time?

We will have a few live workshops. Each morning Kerry will Kick Off the day with a live session in the Zoom Room.

Is it really free?

Yes. As long as you watch the workshops during the first 24 hours after they are released, you can watch for free. You can choose to get a VIP Pass that will allow you to watch at your leisure, but that's up to you.

Who is organizing the Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

Kerry Beck began helping homeschoolers in 2004. She can be reached at

Who will receive my email address?

Good question. We respect your privacy. When you sign up for the Summit, your email address will be included in all emails for HSHW updates and How to Homeschool My Child & shared with our 4 Platinum sponsors.

When is the Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

The 2024 Homeschool Super Heroes Week starts on Monday, July 22 at 10am (Central Time). Each day for five days, we release workshops through the day.

Basic Pass holders will have through Saturday, July 27th to watch the last set of workshops for free.

After that, you will still have time to upgrade to a VIP Pass.

How do I get access to the Community Group with Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

After you grab your free Basic Pass, you will receive an email with links to the Community Group.

Do I need Facebook?

You don't need Facebook to watch the workshops. They are all in the Members Area or Zoom Room. If you want to visit with the speakers or enter our contests, you do need Facebook. That's where you can post your own questions and get support for this year.

How many workshops are repeated from previous events?

None. Nada. No.

I signed up before July 22. Why can't I access the workshops?

With a Basic Pass, you can access the workshops, handouts, Swag Bag beginning 10am CT on Monday, July 22.

With a VIP Pass, you get INSTANT access to the entire Summit, beginning two-weeks early on Monday, July 8! You can upgrade to VIP here.

Can I participate as an affiliate?


We would love for you to share Homeschool Super Heroes Week with your friends and help pay YOU for your homeschool curriculum this year. We'll pay you 40% commission for every VIP Pass your friends buy. We'll even invite you to our Affiliate Facebook Group. Click here to register as an affiliate.

NOTE: We do not pay a commission on your own VIP ticket, just on those who use your link to sign up for VIP.

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An education that includes, but also goes beyond academics.

And it won’t cost you a dime!

Did you read that? It won’t cost you a dime!

No traveling. No hotel expenses. No registration fees.

100% FREE

Talk about super-affordable . . .

What are you waiting for?

July 22-26, 2024

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you sign up for the Homeschool Super Heroes Basic Free Pass:

  • 50+ Original Video Workshops & Handouts - $300 value
  • Private, Supportive Community - $50 value
  • Daily Prayer Room - Priceless
  • Summit Kick Offs with Kerry - $35 Value
  • BONUS: Digital Swag Bag - $1264 value
  • BONUS: Summit Facebook Party - $20 Value
  • BONUS: Prayer, Geography & Letter Writing Printables - $15 Value

Total Value of Summit Basic Free Pass: $1684

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