Discover How You Can Reduce Overwhelm & Homeschool with Confidence This Year

July 24-28, 2023

So . . . you’re having those homeschool PTSD thoughts, wondering

What if I might mess up my kids’ homeschooling?

It’s my first year of homeschooling. How do I do it?

How do I juggle homeschooling, working, housework, schedules?

How can I homeschool multiple kids and ages?

What about gaps in my kids’ education?

How can I motivate my kids?

Can I homeschool my child with autism or special needs?

How can I homeschool with very little money?

Homeschooling high school scares me!

My kids’ attitude needs to change, but how?

Your answer would be “OF COURSE”!

If you have just 1 minute, I’ll show you the next best thing . . .

A private invitation to a week with 50+ Homeschool Super Heroes for FREE.

Discover how our Super Heroes can help jumpstart your homeschool in the short video below.

Let’s Stop Making It Up as You Go!

What if you could sit in the home of an experienced homeschooler,

asking any question you have about homeschooling?


Homeschool Super Heroes Week

July 24 – 28, 2023

Why am I doing this?

I know what it’s like to be in the trenches as a homeschool mom. Sometimes you need a little encouragement or a few fun tricks from experienced homeschoolers . . . real homeschooers with real experience balancing school & family with cooking, cleaning & chauffeuring, or even working. During Homeschool Super Heroes Week, you’ll get answers to questions you have on your mind.

How do I know this?

We carefully selected our Homeschool Super Heroes according to your needs and their expertise.


What past attendees said about Homeschool Super Heroes . .


I feel more confident, though there remains some nervousness just beginning this homeschool journey coming up on Tuesday. I left the interviews feeling that I had more knowledge necessary to educate my child. God Bless You, I hope to hear from you again. – Deb


Even after ten years of homeschooling I still love to listen to amazing ideas from other homeschoolers. I learn so much from the super heroes. I loved what Kerry said yesterday about remembering to have fun. Thanks Kerry!! Simple reminders like this make a huge difference. – Kelly


So wonderful to hear Sally Clarkson speak tonight! She is definitely one of my homeschool heroes – and a mentor through her books and website. – Stephanie

Thank you again for putting this together–it’s been encouraging, challenging, and motivating as we embark on a new school year. – Cathy

What makes Homeschool Super Heroes Week different?

Who else has Super Heroes speaking at their event?

OK … I’ll get serious

With a combined total of 499 years of homeschooling experience, our Super Heroes are real homeschoolers who are (or have been) in the trenches. They are here to help you avoid mistakes so you can homeschool with confidence this year.Each has a super power that will help you jumpstart your homeschool in the right direction.

But is it affordable for homeschool families . . . . Can you say, “FREE”? Keep reading to find out how you can attend for free.

Check out some of this year’s Homeschool Super Heroes.

Steve Demme, of Demme Learning, brings his Super Power of Building Faith Families.

Rachael Carman, of Apologia, brings her Super Power of Transparency & Honesty!

Andrew Pudewa, of IEW equips parents to train their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers.

Homeschool Super Heroes

Get a complete listing of ALL our Homeschool Super Heroes by clicking here.


What will you discover from our Homeschool Super Heroes?

Let’s start with our Daily Keynote Address each morning at 11am CENTRAL.

Home Education or School at Home?, by Steve Demme
Most Important Subject to Teach Your Children, by Rachael Carman
Hacking High School, by Andrew Pudewa
Be Angry…and Train Your Kids, by Peggy Ployhar
Am I Doing Enough?, by Jen Merckling
Travel to Learn U.S. Geography, by Meredith Curtis

Title Partner: Steven Policastro

International Association of Creation: IAC
released Sunday night, July 23

Advancing Homeschool Freedom Around the World

How about an

Important Reason

Homeschool Super Heroes 

Week is Different?

HSHW is partnering with International Association of Creation (IAC). Kerry is donating 5% of her HSHW profits to IAC.

In addition to Kerry’s donation, some speakers will donate 5% of their commissions. Kerry will double each speaker’s donation, by matching their donation.

What is IAC?

In Bolivia a few years ago . . . the International Association of Creation (IAC) worked with the national Christian homeschool leadership and the Ministry of Sports & Culture to coordinate the initiative and draft public policy that legalizes homeschooling in Bolivia.

Did you know homeschooling is illegal in many countries?

IAC works to make homeschooling legal around the world.

From the crystal clear waters of South Florida to the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest, from the rolling green hills of Ireland to the vast outback of Australia, each IAC affiliated ministry is unique, serving various communities across many nations, reaching many tribes, impacting many people, and sharing Christ in many languages.

Through proven strategies and success we work with national leaders across the world to make quality Christ-centered education available for everyone to enjoy. HSHW is joining IAC as they continue equipping hearts, nurturing minds, and transforming lives.

As a global Christian ministry, IAC is dedicated to bringing quality Christ-centered education to the nations by creating access and opportunity. Faith-based leadership development and interactive learning are flourishing at IAC with some of the world’s best-in-class examples of quality Christ-centered education.

HSHW is excited to partner with IAC to continue securing rights, establishing liberty, and influencing nations. In other words, working to make homeschool legal around the world.

STAY TUNED: Each morning of Homeschool Super Heroes Week, Jan Burt, our Prayer Coordinator, will share a story about one country and how you can specifically pray for them that day. I hope you will involve your children in praying during HSHW.

How does IAC Help Homeschoolers Across the Globe?

IAC works with national Christian homeschool leaders in over ninety nations to advance homeschool freedom and education reform. Through public policy and civil society initiatives, IAC secures rights, establishes liberty, and influences nations while creating access and opportunity for every image-bearer to take advantage of quality Christ-centered education.

HSHW is all about helping homeschoolers, no matter where they live. Let’s work together to offer the FREEDOM to homeschool from anywhere in the world.

FREE BONUS with Basic Pass:

When you grab your FREE Basic Pass, you’ll receive our World Maps & Prayer Prompts Ebook. This is a collaboration between our Super Heroes (Annette Breedlove, Steven Policastro, Jan L Burt and Kerry Beck).

You can print off copies for each child so they can follow our daily praye requests for countries around the world. You’ll receive maps to color as you hear about homeschooling around the world. You can also use the prayer journal pages and letter writing templates to let your child write to homeshoolers in other places of the world.


Use this FREE ebook for geography, letter writing, Bible, prayer and character building (faithfulness, perseverance, patience).


Thank you to Platinum Sponsor, Annette Breedlove, for creating this ebook for us.

Besides the keynotes, who else will you hear from during Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

Check out all these terrific sessions


How to Homeschool

  • Home Education or School at Home?, Steve Demme
  • Tips for Keeping Kids Engaged, Christy Gandara
  • 5 Tips to Make Any Homeschool Curriculum Work For You, Jen Merckling
  • How to Use Living Books to Teach Music in the Homeschool, Gena Mayo
  • Creating a Morning Time Routine to Start Your Day Off Right!, Dachelle McVey
  • Raising Superheroes: Helping Our Children Develop Confidence, Amy Bodkin, EdS
  • How To Pick Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum, Penny Rogers
  • Are We Forgetting Why We Homeschool? Biblically Homeschooling in A Secular World, Leilani Melendez
  • 7 Components of an Effective Homeschool Unit Study, Sara Radginski
  • Enjoy Your Homeschool with a Group Learning Time, Jenn Dickerson
  • ‘Level-Up’ with Educational Field Trips: Make it the best day ever, Shannan Swindler
  • Escaping the Classroom, Penny Ross
  • Using Play-Based Learning in Your Homeschool, Pamela Hodges
  • Smart Travel Super Hero: Family Travel that Counts, Shannan Swindler

Encouragement for Homeschoolers

  • Becoming a Homeschool Hero: Empowering Yourself with the Confidence to Happily Educate Your Children, Christine Suarez
  • Most Important Subject to Teach,  Rachael Carman
  • Healthy, Happy Homeschool, Meredith Curtis
  • Equipped and Called to Homeschool, Kimberly Nicole Steenbergen
  • How do I Know my Child is Learning? Assessment tips for Homeschool Families, Christy Gandara
  • The Art of Placemaking: Surviving the Chaos of Today’s World, Gabi Haberer
  • Homeschooling…When Life Intervenes!, Penny Ross
  • You Are Enough: Fighting homeschool doubt with Truth, Kelly Warner
  • Self-Care and the importance of Mental Health for the Homeschool Mom, Lesa Rumbalski
  • Kryptonite Proof Your Homeschool With SIX Keys That Will Help You Build a Super Plan!, Amber J Smith
  • Teaching Strategies for Homeschooling with Chronic Illness, Aimee Smith

Daily Study Hall – Homeschool Subject Areas

  • Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing, Andrew Pudewa
  • Fear Not! You and Your Children Can Learn Math Together, Steve Demme
  • Finding Truth in a World of Fake History, Britton LaTulippe
  • Travel to Learn U.S. Geography, Meredith Curtis
  • Similar But Different: Why Reading and Spelling are Two Paths on the Same Journey, Gretchen Roe
  • Unlock the Magic of Shakespeare: Learn How to Introduce Your Children to the Bard and Watch Them Fall in Love!, Dachelle McVey
  • Intimidated about teaching your kids the Bible? It’s as easy as A, B, C!, Lisa Nehring
  • 7 Top Reasons Every Homeschool Should Include Fine Arts, Gena Mayo
  • The Secret to Why Your Child Struggles with Math, Gretchen Roe
  • Simple Ways to Include Listening Activities in your Homeschool, Justina Thurston
  • Teaching History with Minecraft, Terrie McKee
  • 10 Reasons to Study Art Appreciation, Justina Thurston
  • Make Poetry Your Secret Weapon, Christine Owens
  • How to Teach Science Without a Curriculum, Monique Boutsiv
  • 3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching Kids to Read (and How to Fix Them!), Sarah Miller
  • Live Poetry Tea Time, Christine Owens

Teens & Pre Teens

  • Hacking High School, Andrew Pudewa
  • How to Help Your Young Adult Children Actually “ADULT”, Davis Carman
  • What Class Must Every High School Student Take In High School Career Exploration!, Lisa Nehring
  • Parenting Your Preteen, Janine McNally
  • Homeschooling Your Entrepreneur, Michelle Osborn
  • Time Tools for Teens, Mandi Frost

Special Needs

  • Flipping Special Education Homeschooling, Peggy Ployhar
  • Homeschooling Girls with ADHD, Terrie McKee
  • Movers, Shakers, Denim Cloth Haters – How To Homeschool A Sensory Intense Child, Penny Rogers
  • How to Get Your Child with Autism Motivated to do their School Work, Michelle McCarthy


  • Ideas to Keep Your Littles Occupied while Teaching Older Kids, Annette Breedlove
  • EASY ways that toddlers can learn through play, Carol Jones
  • What do preschoolers really need to know?, Pamela Hodges

Planning & Organization

  • Am I Doing Enough?, Jen Merckling
  • Want a Faithful Sidekick? Start with Your Homeschool Schedule, Amber J Smith
  • Discover Your Purposeful Homeschool Vision, Sara Jordan
  • 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool Year, Aimee Smith
  • Tips for Organizing Your Home/School, Brandee Gillham
  • 3-2-1 Blast Off: Planning a School Year that Helps Struggling Students Soar!!, Amy Bodkin, EdS
  • Supercharge Your Homeschool Planning, Christine Suarez
  • 7 Types of Homeschool Calendars and How to Plan Your Own, Jenn Dickerson
  • A New Way to Schedule: Planning Your Homeschool Day with Young Children, Laura McKinney Adams
  • Simplify Your Homeschool with Books, Kelly Warner

Parenting & Faith

  • The Superpower of Storytelling, Pastor Mike Curtis
  • Parenting Generation Alpha, Janine McNally
  • Raising Warriors, Brandee Gillham
  • Strengthening Young Hearts: Building Relationships in Dark Times, Christian Horstmann
  • 5 Strategies for Intentional Bible Teaching & Discipleship in Your Homeschool, Tauna Meyer
  • Be Angry…and Train Your Kids, Peggy Ployhar
  • Connecting & Correcting: How to Effectively Discipline Your Kids Without Creating Disconnection, Katie J Trent
  • Shift Your Parent-superpowers And Expertise, Mandi Frost
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Discipleship: How to Effectively Build a Faith that Lasts, Katie J Trent

… and lots and lots and lots of homeschool encouragement

Click here for a complete listing of ALL our workshop titles and descriptions. 

homeschool super heroes week free ticket

What past attendees said about Homeschool Super Heroes . . .

I have a special needs child so I am looking forward to the recordings (I’m still listening to the 2010 Super Heroes). -Suzetter

I have enjoyed being able to listen to these great speakers from the comfort of my own home. I also appreciate the fact that there is a window of time when I can listen, and if I need to pause or rewind I can do that, too. I enjoyed hearing the wisdom about Raising Real Men, and also the encouragement to use my children’s middle school years well. Cathy

So timely! I had to try out some of your advice as I was listening. It is a never-ending process. Thanks for the help! – Susan

I love this week! What an encouraging start for the new year! – Mel

Hi, I’m Kerry Beck, your hostess for the week. It’s been 12 years since I started hosting Homeschool Super Heroes Week. It’s the perfect time because so many families are at home, educating their kiddos.

I homeschooled our 3 kids for ten years. All of them are grown up and on their own. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” So, you’ll hear from them during the week.

I’m so excited for all the new, exciting changes this year . . . especially our private community group where you’ll have access to our speakers. Ask your questions & get the support you need to be fully prepared for this school year. Plus, we have lots of surprises for you all week long.

I’ll let you in on a little secret . . .

We’re mixing it up this year and will have many live sessions, just for you. That’s right! Many of our sessions will be streamed live into our Private Community Group. You’ll be able to ask questions, on the spot.

Besides the live sessions, I had the privilege of interviewing 17 of our Homeschool Super Heroes. I was able to ask the questions that were on your mind. You’re gonna love the interviews.

What Will You Receive with a FREE Basic Pass

80+ Original WorkshopsAvailable to watch first 24 hours after released

LIVE SessionsAvailable to watch first 24 hours after released

Private Community GroupInteract with Speakers, Sponsors, Other Homeschoolers

Digital Swag Bag – Valued over $1152 in free and even more discounted items

Attend in your PJ’s, if you like – From anywhere in the world

Facebook Party – Giveaways, Door Prizes & More – Monday, July 24

Kick-Off with Kerry – Get the most out of your pass – Sunday, July 23

Option to get VIP Lifetime Pass ($29) – Lifetime Access to all video, audio, handouts and bonus items with Best Pricing ENDS JULY 14


All you have to do is . . . click the red button to sign up for your FREE Basic Pass for Homeschool Super Heroes Week. You’ll have 24-hour access each day to practical tips & tricks for you to start your year right.

And it won’t cost you a dime!

Did you read that? It won’t cost you a dime!

No traveling. No hotel expenses. No registration fees.

100% FREE

What past attendees said about Homeschool Super Heroes . . .

I really enjoyed the interviews! I’ve been looking for someone who has been before me and could give sound, Biblical advice and encouragement. I found it! Thank you so much for putting together these interviews for us. They have truly been a blessing and I passed them on to other moms I know. Florine B.

Every speaker I heard was so encouraging. This has been a lot of fun for me. Thanks for sharing! – Guisla

I’ve been home schooling for 13yrs and after reading all of these great ideas for the first day of school, I am inspired to make the first day more special. Thankfully, I still have little ones to do this for. Thank you for all your great ideas and encouragement, even for a veteran home schooler! – Gretchen C

Homeschool Super Heroes Week is FREE for you because of our sponsors.

A great big thank you for each one of them.

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How do I watch the workshops for free?

Thanks for our terrific sponsors above, we are able to offer a free Basic Ticket

Click here to get your free Basic Pass. Then, check your email each day for the release of the daily workshops. You’ll have 24 hours to watch each workshop, 24 hours from the time it is released.

Where do I watch the workshops?

Super easy – The event is 100% online and starts on Monday, July 24. Watch your email each day for a link to that day’s workshops. Click on the link to that day’s workshops. Choose the Super Hero you want to watch and open up their workshop.

When is Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

The 2023 Homeschool Super Heroes Week starts on Monday, July 24 at 9am (Central Time). Each day for five days, we will release a new set of workshops AT 12:30PM CT. Friday, July 28th will be the last release of workshops. Basic Pass holders will have until Saturday, July 29, 24 hours later to watch the last set of workshops for free.

Is it really free?

YES. As long as you watch the workshops during the first 24 hours after they are released, you can watch for free. You can choose to get an VIP Pass that will allow you to watch at your leisure, but that’s up to you. You’ll also receive our VIP Bonus Bundle, the HSHW PRIVATE PODCAST and Instant Access to all sessions.

Are the workshops live? Do I need to watch at a certain time?

Some workshops will be live. Check the schedule to find the live ones. The interviews are recorded, as are the pre-recorded video sessoins. The Basic Pass holders may watch for free for 24 hours after its release.

How do I get access to the Community Group with the Homeschool Super Heroes?

Once you grab your free ticket, you’ll be sent an email with all those details. The email comes from

Do I need Facebook?

Not to watch the recorded workshops. These will be in your Member Area. The Daily Kickoffs and Prayer Room will be on Zoom and Facebook. If you want to visit with the Homeschool Super Heroes in their live sessions, you’ll need a Facebook account. That’s where you can post your own questions and get support for this year.

Can I participate as an affiliate?

We would love for you to share Homeschool Super Heroes with your friends and help pay for your homeschool curriculum this year. We’ll pay you 40% commission for every VIP Pass your friends buy. We’ll even invite you to our Affiliate Facebook Group. Click here to register as an affiliate.

Who is organizing Homeschool Super Heroes Week?

Kerry Beck began Homeschool Super Heroes Week in 2010. She can be reached at

How many workshops are repeated from previous Homeschool Super Hero Weeks?

None. Nada. No.

I signed up before July 24. Why can’t I access the workshops?

Access to the Free workshops and interviews begins at 9am on Monday, July 24. VIPers get INSTANT ACCESS to the Members Area.

Who will receive my email address?

Good question. We respect your privacy. When you sign up for Homeschool Super Heroes, your email address will be included in all emails for HSHW updates and How to Homeschool My Child newsletters and updates. Your email will not be shared with speakers and sponsors when you register.


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