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Kerry Beck


Date: August 9, 2013
From the desk of: Kerry Beck

How To Homeschool My Child, Founder
“Helping parents raise children to the glory of God”


Dear Homeschooling Parent,

I love the start of a new school year. New school supplies, New curricula, New shoes!

Are you ready for this year?

Whether you are a new homeschooling parent or a veteran, we can all be encouraged from those who have gone before us. Those who made mistakes and corrected them. Those whose heart is for homeschoolers to be successful. And those who desire to see your children grow into young men and women of God.

Homeschool Super Heroes Will Soon Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

We’ve brought together the Super Heroes of the Homeschooling Community; so, you can achieve the success at home you deserve. Learn from their expertise and experience on how to provide the best education for your children this year, while still cleaning, cooking and chauffeuring.

Discover some of the mistakes they made along the way so you can AVOID doing the same thing! How cool is that?

Whether your children are just beginning their school experience or almost ready to fly the coup, you CANNOT afford to miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best. Never before have so many experts been assembled at one time for just one purpose …showing you PRACTICAL TIPS that really work in today’s home.

You may look at our Super Heroes and wonder to yourself, “I haven’t heard of these guys before.” That’s because many of them are in the trenches homeschooling. They make it work on a daily basis. Or, they are helping homeschool parents raise their children to be Godly leaders of the future who will impact our society for God.

Our Homeschool Super Heroes were not chosen because of their credentials (although there are plenty of credentials in the list below). They were chosen because they will share “real life” way to make your homeschool year the BEST ever.


Like most of you, Kim is the wearer of many hats. Though her homeschooling days are behind her, her hours are far from quiet as she helps run their busy WriteShop business serving customers, working with stores and schools, writing, marketing, and traveling. In addition to her blog, her articles have appeared in prominent homeschooling magazines including: The Old Schoolhouse, Home School Enrichment, and Homeschooling Today.

With her amazing husband of 37 years, they have three grown kids, a couple of fine sons-in-law, a beautiful {British!} daughter-in-law, and a passel of grandchildren who hang out with her as often as she’ll take ‘em! Having learned the hard way to teach her own writing-phobic son to like (and eventually love) writing, it’s become her joy to help other parents feel more equipped to teach writing at home. It is her prayer that our gracious God will continue using her to encourage each of you as you forge your own path.

Kim will share:

  • ŸHelpful writings tips for grades K-3
  • ŸGuiding your child in topics and prompts
  • ŸTeaching writing when mom isn’t confident



Rebecca is a child of God, married to the love of her life, and the mother of three children. She writes about faith, Marriage, Parenting, nutrition and homeschooling at Mom’s Mustard Seeds.

Rebecca will share:

  • ŸHow to integrating children’s learning around the Bible vs. just throwing the Bible in
  • ŸDiscipling your child…a parent’s responsibility vs. God’s responsibility
  • ŸStaying strong through the trials of life and maintaining a strong marriage



Chris & Wendy Jeub have 16 children, four graduate homeschoolers and 12 currently working their way through the Jeub homeschool. They were featured in 2007 for Kids by the Dozen, a TLC episode featuring their family of then-13 children. Since then, Chris and Wendy have written several books emphasizing “filling your home with the greatest commandment.” Titles include “Love in the House”, “Love Another Child”, two cookbooks Love in the “Kitchen Vol. 1 and 2”, and a diet book for mothers written by Wendy, “Love in a Diet”.

The Jeubs describe themselves as a “speech and debate” homeschool family. All their children are expected to participate in the “homeschool sport” of academic forensics. They prepare speeches and debates and travel the country attending tournaments of other homeschoolers, a wonderful community of families all emphasizing the need to speak persuasively and winsomely. The Jeub family runs debate camps in the summer and publishes curriculum through their home business and ministry, Training Minds.

You can find out more about the Jeubs at their family website,

Chris & Wendy will share:

  • How to teach speech and debate for younger children
  • The 4 C’s of speech and debate
  • Practical & biblical reasons why speech and debate are important subjects in your homeschool classroom



Janine LaTulippe is the Mother of 3 blessings all under the age of 5. She believes that an elite education begins in the Home. Her mission is to help parents raise sons and daughters, whose legacies honor their families and glorify God. Her sites and provide curriculum, free resources, and inspiration for Homeschoolers!

Janine will share about:

  • Using learning stations and reward systems in homeschooling
  • How to keep learning fun, purposeful and simple
  • The importance of manners and chores and how to teach them even at young ages



Aurie is a wife to Ken who is a pastor and her best friend as well as a homeschooling momma to 2 miracle girls who love tutus, tiaras, trucks and trains.

She is also a foster momma to medically fragile infants, a photographer in training and she continually strives to see the good in everything and always praise God.

Aurie will share:

  • How to build homeschool around fostering
  • Being a supportive and flexible pastor’s wife
  • Throwing off the illusion of perfection and comparison


Homeschooling for over a dozen years now, Tricia faces a daily dose of chaos with five children – preschool to high school. She is author of series of art tutorials for all ages: A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, and Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons. She has written cookbooks: Sunday Savings and Southern Celebrations. She shares art lessons, recipes and all things practical at and she has a brand new ebook called “Help! I’m Homeschooling” at:

She and her husband, Steve are also owners and authors at Curriculum Choice and Habits for a Happy Home. The biggest lesson she’s learned? At the end of the day – when the dishes are put away and the children are tucked in bed – truly what matters is each child’s relationship with the Lord. Raising children is a God-given privilege and, folks, the time is short.

Tricia will share:

  • How art enhances a homeschool learning environment
  • ŸHow to tailor art projects for any family and homeschool mom…even the non-artistic
  • ŸPractical tips and simple art projects to get started



Homeschool Super Heroes - Stephen Beck - Father's StewStephen Beck is a popular speaker and author at homeschool conferences and bookfairs around the country. Lately, his topics on family entrepreneurship have created quite a buzz in the homeschool and Christian community alike.

Drawing upon his experiences of raising three children, owning a construction company for the past 18 years, starting a family-run homeschool curriculum store and discipling young men in the Church, Stephen Beck gives a unique layman’s perspective to the challenges of integrating the three areas that so greatly impact our lives.

His passions are discipling his three children and leading younger believers to maturity in Christ, which he combines with his other passion of duck hunting whenever he can!

Steve will share:

  • Why you should consider family mission trips
  • How to pay for your entire family to go on a mission trip together
  • How dads can take time from work for a family mission trip
  • How to choose the right family mission trip



When Kelli was a young girl, on vacation with her family, she walked on the beaches of a special island in southwest Florida. She always felt closest to the Lord when she was out there with the sand between her toes, singing to Him at the top of her lungs. It was then, that she began asking God to bless her with her own family and allow them to live there near the beach. Years later, she met her husband on that beach and they discovered that they’d grown up in the very same church together several hours away. They were married on that beach. They live and play there with their children on a regular basis. God is so good. He honored her request – even though she didn’t deserve any of it.

She wraps herself up in His grace and love each day. She strives to remember to be thankful for even the little things. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 is one of her favorite verses “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” He wants us to be thankful for the little things as well as the big things, even the things we don’t understand. This is where she finds her strength to fight chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and where her joy comes from.

Kelli’s family loves their adventures. Exploring God’s creation is their favorite family past time. Being thankful and amazed by His creation is their passion. Having the opportunity to share that with others is a blessing. Kelli is a writer, speaker and mostly, a homeschool mom. Find her @ to read about her Adventurez in ChildRearing!

Kelli will share:

  • Practical tips for homeschooling boys
  • ŸIncorporating “everyday exploring” into homeschooling
  • ŸHow field trips and home organization fit into a homeschool day
  • Letting go and allowing the Lord lead your homeschool and family no matter where life’s adventures take you



Marci has always been interested in nature and science. Growing up, her dad took her on walks through the woods and around their family farm and taught her interesting things about nature. While at college, she majored in Biology and worked as a Naturalist at a nature center. After college, she worked as a research assistant and a laboratory manager.

When her husband and her had children, she chose to leave the professional world and come home. Her plan was that she would go back to research when they started school. God had other plans. Their family has been homeschooling for 4 years, now. Homeschooling has become herresearch career. And she loves it!

Her mission is to equip and encourage homeschool parents by taking the fear out of and putting the fun into science education. She wants to make you a Homeschool Scientist! You’ll find experiment ideas, curriculum choices, science resources, expert advice and more on

Marci will share:

  • Keeping the love and curiosity of science alive at different ages
  • ŸThe importance of lab reports and how to do them
  • Tips for doing science experiments without the “mess” mentality



Jill is a wife and homeschool mom to 5 almost- perfect boys and 1 princess. She and her husband believe in teaching their children at home ~ striving to make them fishermen of the sea. Jill thanks God that she is able to stay home and teach her children the Word of God each given day.

Jill’s family is able to enjoy the pleasures of faith, family, and just being home. They live simply on a small farm, raising chickens, dairy goats, 2 calves and lots of cats and dogs. They love to be outside and be together.

Her heart’s desire is to help other families live a simple and frugal life by sharing the in’s and out’s of what works for her family. You will see a variety of topics on her blog, Blessed Beyond a Doubt including family, parenting, marriage, recipes, homemaking, homeschooling freebies and deals and simple and frugal tips.

Most importantly, she wants to share her strong Christian faith and loves to tell others how she is blessed beyond a doubt.

Jill will share:

  • Ideas for living frugally and getting the kids involved
  • Cultivating self-sufficient children
  • Balancing goal setting: flexibility vs accountability.


Dr. Peter Minke is a renowned body mechanics and holistic wellness expert. He received his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology and has been interested for decades in helping others learn about assuming responsibility for their own health and the practice of self-healing. Throughout his career as a health educator, massage therapist, and public speaker, he has mentored other healthcare professionals and clients. He is active in the community – as a homeschool teacher, as a church youth teacher, as an employer, as a civic volunteer where he has been involved with the local Down syndrome association, and a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University.

He also enjoys teaching on the proper use and application of topical therapeutic-grade essential oils, the use of nutritional supplements for optimal health, the area of digestive processes, and methods of tissue detoxification. He is deeply committed to the principles of entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Amy, own their own massage therapy business and both specialize in an advanced method called Aston Patterning which works with body patterns developed from a lifetime of moving. Peter also enjoys writing, and music performance of all sorts, including singing, playing his guitar, and listening to great music from many cultures.

Peter will share:

  • Having a “team mentality” with your spouse in homeschooling
  • Practical tips for having a healthier family
  • Helpful essential oils to have on hand and how to use them



Jim has been a storyteller for over 25 years. In June, 1989, Jim decided to do something more with the craft that he had formerly practiced solely for pleasure. He and his wife, Randy, formed a production company, Greathall Productions, and have thus far produced forty three (43)

storytelling recordings with enticing titles from classical literature, such as Greek Myths, King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. Jim will share:

  • How stories should play an integral part of your homeschool

  • How to bring history to life, even for non-history lovers

  • How to encourage non-readers to love stories



Sharla Kostelyk is the mother of seven, two through the miracle of birth and five through the miracle of adoption.

She is an author, homeschooler, adoption advocate and the founder of Adoption Magazine. Sharla blogs about finding joy amidst the chaos at The Chaos and The Clutter.

Sharla will share:

  • How to be a supporter of adoption without actually adopting
  • Practical tips for and benefits of sensory bins and how they are useful for kids with special needs
  • How to help your child with special needs



Kerry BeckKerry has been encouraging homeschool parents for the past 10 years, as she and her family traveled to book shows. She loves to encourage young moms to follow God’s leading as they raise their children to godliness. Kerry also likes teaching moms and teachers the best strategies to teach “how to write.” Having started How to Homeschool My Child (previously Curriculum Connection) with her elementary aged kids, she enjoys helping families involve their children in a family business. Kerry has been featured in the Ultimate Homeschool Expo & Homeschooling Today.

Kerry and Stephen have three children and one son-in-law. Her daughters, Ashley and Gentry, are interviewing our Homeschool Super Heroes.

Kerry will share:

  • Why families should disciple their own kids
  • How parents can interact with their kids spiritually
  • What place Sunday School & Youth Group have with your children
  • How to find time for family worship & discipleship
In the wrap-up, Kerry will discuss:
  • How to choose the right activities for your family
  • How to schedule your time
  • How to reduce the number of activities for your kids
  • How moms can feel refreshed each week & ready to homeschool



Homeschool Super Heroes 2012 Hunter Beck - Marshmallow Gun BusinessHunter Beck homeschooled for 10 years. This summer he worked at Sky Ranch as a counselor. for 7-8 year olds. The day after he finished working at camp, he flew to Colorado to help his high school basketball coach build a log cabin. What a perfect mentoring situation!

Hunter attends the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, studying marketing. He started his marshmallow gun company at the age of 10 and began making about $1000 each summer.

Hunter will share:

  • How he started his business
  • How young people can start their own business
  • Ways to avoid the mistakes he made along the way


“I Love The Focus On Meeting The Individual Needs Of Each Child!”Click on the button below to hear what Heather says about The Homeschool Super Heroes Package!
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~Heather, College Station
Thank you for all of your heart, time & energy you’ve invested to help all of us who at one time or another feel like we are “going it alone”! I thank the Lord for people like you who have gone before us and are helping us along our way!!I am a pastor’s wife and home school mom of 2….with 2 years to go ’till high school graduation. We’ve been homeschooling since kindergarten…and I still want/need encouragement & an occasional “shot in the arm” – a boost to keep the momentum going! Thank you for offering it! Bless you, dear sister!~Kelly

Three things you should know about these interviews:

1. They are interviews…not prepared presentations.

You get a fresh, spontaneous response from each of our Super Heroes. We ask questions that you may want to ask, but aren’t able to do so. You’ll really learn down to earth ways to homeschool that really work when you are trying to balance homeschooling, family, hubby, activities, your home, cooking (seems they always want to eat 3 meals a day, right?)

2. We know you are super-busy, so we have kept interviews to 20-40 minutes long.

You don’t have to wade through a lot of rambling. We get straight to the point and share how you can make this school year the best ever.

3. Our interviews are conducted by my daughters, Ashley Ortega & Gentry Beck. Ashley & Gentry are homeschool graduates and offers a unique perspective as she gets each of our Super Heroes to open up and share “real life” ways to improve your homeschool this year.



You’ll Discover Practical Tips That
Any & All Homeschoolers Can
Use This Year

They REALLY Work!


These speakers are the best of the best in the business. So, all you need to do is register below, and we’ll send you the date and times when our Homeschool Super Heroes will be speaking and then you can just hop on your computer and listen in.

We’ll be running these interviews August 20 – August 31, so you can get off on the right foot this school year. That’s right, no middle seat airline travel, no overpriced hotel rooms, no car rental and late nights away from home. That’s right, you never have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Just sit back and relax in your favorite easy chair and absorb these homeschooling strategies.

Once you sign up, you’ll have the access to each interview on the day we play that interview. Just log in and listen as each speaker reveals their most sacred homeschooling secrets. It’s that easy.

First, let me just say that if I was to gather all these Homeschool Super Heroes into one conference center for 3 days of non-stop training, it would cost…well let’s just say a small fortune. Some of these guys charge a lot for just an hour of consulting. If we put all these speakers in a two day seminar you’d pay big bucks, but you can have the same experience without leaving your home. You won’t have to pay for hotels, flights, food, seminar fees or anything like that. It’s not going to cost you anywhere near that.

So what’s the cost?

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To your homeschooling success,

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PPS. Here’s what homeschoolers said about our Original 2010 Homeschool Super Heroes….

I had the opportunity to listen to your wrap up today and it was so enlightening and again, inspired me. I have been doing nearly everything you covered in your segment! Thank you so much for making yourself available and for sharing the wonderful information and experience you have. You have a calming way about you! I hope you will continue your mission and that is, truly helping others.

I enjoyed the superheroes so very much. Each person helped me in some way. Ashley did a great job conducting the interviews. She asked the correct questions and things just started flowing! I feel more confident, though there remains some nervousness just beginning this homeschool journey coming up on Tuesday. I left the interviews feeling that I had more knowledge necessary to educate my child.

God Bless You, I hope to hear from you again,



I have really enjoyed the interviews! I have been looking for someone who has been before me and could give sound, Biblical advice and encouragement. I have found it! Thank you so much for putting together these interviews for us. They have truly been a blessing and I have passed them on to other moms I know.

Florine B.


Thank you for putting on this mini-conference. I have really loved hearing Lee Binz, Jim Weiss & Andrew Pudewa. Lee’s talk has given me a lot to ruminate on.

Thank you,



Thank you for being concerned and taking time to email me to clear things up. I enjoyed the homeschool superheroes and I appreciate what you’ve done to provide this for us homeschool moms!!

Have a great night!