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A few days ago I shared a really cool new resource to inspire creativity in your Bible study. I can’t wait to get mine. In the meantime, here are some ideas I’m considering with my own Illustrated Faith Kit.

How you can use Bible journaling in your homeschool from
1. Girls Night Out

Plan a girls night out with your daughters. Invite another family or two, if you like. During your time together, consider the following activities.  Feel free to count this as Bible, Music & Art in your homeschool.

  • Say thanks for coming & Pray for the evening
  • Sing or listen to worship songs
  • Time with God – Read verses together or use the devotional in the Illustrated Faith for reading aloud.
  • Bible Journaling Time – Take those big ideas to the margins of your Bibles and journals. Do it fearlessly, and forget the rules!  (Say it with me: “There are no mistakes here!”)
  • Encourage Time – Share a little about what you did in your Bible. What are your take aways? What was it like doing this together?
  • Plan your next Girls Night Out

2. Journaling Your Favorite Bible Verses

Creative ways to study your Bible with friends, daughters or just by yourself... see more from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comI haven’t found the Journaling Bible that I want to use, so I’m starting with Illustrated Faith – Praise Journal.  My daughters and I can keep a record of what God is showing us in this journal (or other journals you might find her).

I can be as creative as I like with Bible (or art) journaling.  I’m excited to combine my need for creativity with my desire to learn from God’s Word.

One way I will start my Bible journaling is being creative with my favorite Bible verse.  Why not ask your daughters to join you in journaling their favorite verses? You can count it as Bible & art in your homeschool.

Romans 8:28  –  It was also my grandmother’s favorite verse. I’m always encouraged when things don’t seem to be going right.

Proverbs 3:5-6  –  Another family favorite from my dad.  This encourages me to always search God and He will direct my paths.

John 3:16  – OK…I know it’s an overused verse, but it’s the verse that brought me to the Lord when I was 4 years old. I will never forget it. Nor, will I forget the sacrifice Jesus Christ made by dying for me.

Psalm 37:17-18  – I found this verse in college and continue to fall back on it whenever I am brokenhearted.

I’ll be using pens, markers, die-cuts, stickers & stamps to journal what God is teaching me.

After I journal some verses, I’ll share them here. Until then, here’s some inspiration.

3. Bible Devotionals with Your Daughters

Use one of the “created to create” devotionals with your daughters. Each lesson can be done over a week.  You & your daughters can journal what God teaches them with the creative resources from Illustrated Faith. I can’t wait to do this with my own daughters.

If your kids are at home & your homeschooling, integrate this into your daily homeschool. During your family time or Bible time, discuss what God is teaching you and how you will apply it to your lives.

What’s  Best for Me?

Now that I’ve looked at all the MANY resources for Bible journaling, here’s what I decided to purchase. Once I use these resources, I’ll share pictures how I’m using them.

Great starter kit for Bible journaling - read more from

Created to Create Kit (1 kit to share with my 2 daughters)

NOTE: You can save $10 and get FREE shipping when you order Created to Create and Beautiful kits from Illustrated Faith.  Click here to use the correct link to get both kits by Wednesday night.

I will buy 1 each for my daughters & myself.  Why?  My daughters do not live in my town so we can share them. On the other hand, your daughters are probably still at home so you can buy a set to share in your homeschool.

Perfect black marker for Bible journaling - How to use it from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comBlack Marker   – These will be the basis of my journaling. I love a good black marker…sharpie, micron pens or Precision Pens. For journaling about Bible, I’m choosing the Precision Pens by DaySpring. I think these will be better than my Micron Pens from scrapbooking days.

Colored Markers or Pencils – We (daughters & myself) all like to color so this is perfect when we journal our favorite verses. My favorite pencils are Prismacolor.

If you need a less expensive set of coloring pencils, try Sargent. They work remarkably well for the price.

If you’re looking for good color markers, start with Sakura Gell Rolls. Another inexpensive option for coloring. If you don’t want to use gell pens, try Pentel Color Pens. They are great for coloring detail work, like inside letters.



If you aren't ready to journal in your Bible, try this Praise Notebook from Illustrated Faith. Read more from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comJournal or Journaling Bible – I’ve had journals off & on since college. That’s 39 years. Wow…almost 40 years!  I love keeping a record of what I’m learning & praying. To start my Bible journaling, I’ll be using the Praise Book (above) from Dayspring to record what God is teaching me.

If you know of a great Journaling Bible, please leave it in the comments below.


Die-Cuts – I like the idea of using these die-cuts to remind me what God is revealing to me. Yet…I LOVE the idea of using these die-cuts to encourage my family. It’s only Steve & me at home now. So, I plan to leave the die-cuts (with a message on the back) for Steve to discover in his truck, inside his backpack, on his dresser, near his towel or on his computer.

If my kids were still at home, I’d be leaving them in their room or backpack or car or lunchbox or schoolbooks.  They are super-versatile. How can you use Bible die-cuts?

Dayspring has a wide variety of die-cuts. Click here to find which die-cut set is best for you & your girls.

Creative Bible journaling tools from Illustrated Faith ... see more at

Stickers – Who doesn’t love stickers?

I guess I’ve had a love affair with stickers since I was a child. Don’t your kids love stickers?  So, use them to encourage them in their walk with God. There are many types of Bible stickers you can use. Click here to see all the Illustrated Faith stickers.


Washi Tape  – I’m going to use this for decorations and to tape die-cuts I leave in cars, on bathroom mirrors or refrigerators. Washi tape comes in colors or black & white.

Fun Bible Journaling Tools through Illustrated Faith ... read more at

Date It Stamp  – Ashley already told me she would use this to record what God is teaching her. I plan to buy one for each of us because it’s so versatile and will record what we learn from God

Fun ways to journal in your Bible - Try Illustrated Faith & read more at

Bible Mat  – This will keep your colors from bleeding to other pages in your Bible. It also has lines to help you keep words straight.

Paints – I’m Not Sure??? I’ve thought about using paints, but it’s not something in my comfort zone. I love to paint, but not sure if I want to use them in my Bible. So, I’m sticking with black markers and colored markers.

What’s your comfort zone? You & your daughters might love using the paints in your journaling Bible or your journal. If so, click here for the perfect paint set.

Great starter kit for Bible journaling with Illustrated Faith - Read more at

Finally …
I’m also ordering the Illustrated Faith Genesis Kit. My daughters & I will split it between us to use over the next few months. I like the fact that this kit has everything you need to get started.

I plan to experiment over the next few months & I’ll let you know how it’s going. If you already use this Bible journaling technique, please leave a comment or photo below. I’d love to hear more from you.

Remember the Reason

Regardless of what you use to add creativity to your Bible devotions/Bible study, remember the end goal. It isn’t go spend hours on end worrying about whether or not your creativity is as good as some one else. It’s two-fold.

1.  Grow in Christ – By spending time in God’s word, meditating on it & journaling about it, you’ll be growing in the areas God wants you to grow.

2.  Using Your Creativity – We all have some type of creative desire. It might be in food, home decorating, gardening, sewing/quilting, coloring, fashion or art work. Whatever outlet you desire, God wants us to be creative. Why not use some of these tools to inspire your daughter to try their hand at creative Bible study?

I hope to see some of your creations here on this blog as a comment. Or share them on instagram with #homeschoolcreatedtocreate

I look forward to seeing how you use this to inspire your kids to grow in Christ in a creative way.


.Question: How will you be journaling in your Bible or about your Bible devotionals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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