How To Homeschool My Child

How to Schedule Your Day & Evening

Some of the biggest challenges homeschool moms face are organization, scheduling, consistency and juggling activities. How do I know? I asked many of you what your biggest challenge is as a mom and homeschooler. For that reason, I made a short video to on how to schedule your day.

You’ll learn how I started my day, whether or not I was homeschooling. I also share how my kids started their day.

How to schedule your day and evening might be intimidating. Here are 6 tips:

  1. You always do what’s most important first. Be sure you’re actually doing what you “say” is most important.
  2. Begin your day focused on God. Read You Version before you get out of bed. Have family devotions at breakfast.
  3. Allow your kids time to get ready for the day, which allows you to get ready for the day.
  4. When you are homeschooling, be fully present. Do not answer the phone. Do not check social media. Do not get distracted.
  5. Use a simple lesson plan. Let your kids have copies of their lesson plan for the week. If you want my 1-page Lesson Plan, sign up below.
  6. Watch Beth Anne share how you can craft the perfect evening schedule for YOUR family.  It’s a free workshop today and tomorrow. Grab your seat now before it’s over. Click here to reserve your seat.

Free workshop to help you craft the perfect evening routine

 Finally, for all you homeschool moms, try my simple 1-page Lesson Planner. Print out one for each week and one for each child. It’s super-simple to use, with no fancy distractions.

P.S. Register for this class and discover ways to make every day more productive.




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