Top 10 Reasons I Chose Leadership Education to Homeschool My Child

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Many of my longtime readers know I followed a leadership education model on how to homeschool my child.

Why did I choose Leadership Education?

1.  Teaches our kids to think Biblically & critically

2.  Character is paramount & taught at early ages.  If older kids do not exhibit Godly character, parents are encouraged to work on character before pursuing academics.

3.  Give my kids the tools of learning so they can learn anything, anywhere.

How to Homeschool My Child Kids Love of Learning4.  Give my kids a love of learning

5.  Read & discuss classic books

6.  Provides resource rich environment for learning

7.  Mentors older kids with classic books & reading journals

8.  Socratic dialogue about studies encourages critical thinking

9.  Older kids choose studies, thus developing leadership skills

10. Writing activities at all ages, with tools to improve writing

What approach to homeschooling do you use?  Why did you choose it?

How to Homeschool My Child

ps.  To learn more about Leadership Education, watch my free video:  Raising Leaders, Not Followers: Biblical Approach to Leadership Education  (scroll down to get your copy)


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