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 Do your kids love to learn?  How can you help them love learning? Try some of these homeschool teaching tips this week to encourage a love of learning!

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What are you preparing your children for?

Will they simply follow those around them?

Or, will they be a strong leader?

Whatever you are doing at home right now is preparing your kids for their future.  They will follow your example, whatever that happens to be.

In my original post on how to homeschool, I discussed the importance of instilling godly character in your kids.  Strong character traits are essential to be a strong leader.  Let’s look at the next key in your home schooling curriculum in raising leaders.

How To Homeschool Teaching Tip #2

Education is a life-long activity.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.     ~ John F. Kennedy

To become an excellent leader, your children must always learn new ideas and concepts.  These formidable years in your home are a wonderful and exciting time to provide a love of life-long learning.

Not only does a love of learning prepare your children for future leadership, it also prepares them for independent studies in their near future.  Those students who enjoy learning are one step ahead of the crowd, especially in regards to studying on their own.

Since independent studies are a major goal in leadership education, you must provide the pre-requisite while your children are young. What is that pre-requisite?  Love of Learning

Do your children love to learn?

Are you modeling a love of learning for your children?

Do your kids see “you” still learning?

Mine continue to tease me about the books I read. Although, I was not a reader growing up, I always enjoyed learning. In the past 10 years, I became a voracious reader & lifelong learner. When we are on vacations, they know I want to read every sign at the national park or in the museum. They know I love to learn.

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Providing an environment that encourages education is the first step to building a pattern of lifetime learning.  As a way of forming that environment, your homeschooling curriculum should include plenty of books, arts & crafts supplies, science kits, and educational games.  Of course, these items should be easily accessible to your children so that learning is part of playing.

If you homeschool in the morning, let your kids find activities from these resources to “play with” in the afternoon. They’ll be learning without even knowing it.

A learning-friendly environment also includes time to enjoy reading, creating, playing and dreaming.  Your schedule should allow time to develop character through work, but also include time for learning.  Find a balance in your daily schedule between the development of character and a love of learning.

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Read Aloud as a Family

One of the best ways to develop a strong desire for lifetime education is reading aloud as a family.  Choose quality classics your children will enjoy. Read it aloud everyday.  In the beginning, simply read for pleasure.  Get lost in the story…it’s so much fun!

Allow your children the opportunity to interact with excellent books. The Read Aloud Handbook is a great place to get more ideas.

Once your children see pleasure in books, you should discuss the ideas found within the story.  You don’t need to analyze every book you read, but start with a few. Not only will your children learn from read alouds, they will also grow in wisdom as they contemplate the questions you pose. Remember questions encourage thinking which encourages wisdom.

Homeschooling for the love of learning is essential to prepare your children for life-long learning and becoming wise leaders.  Your homeschooling curriculum should utilize homeschool teaching techniques that encourage a love for learning.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. I just feel like I don’t know how. But I like to work it with them and that helps them to love it much more beautifully. Thank God for His love and forgiveness.

  2. Thanks for this Teaching Tips series, I am really looking forward to reading the rest.
    Developing a love of learing is something I see as so important… and something I feel I need to demonstrate more to my children.
    Thanks again.

  3. I’m so lost when it comes to homeschooling and what not I just pray To The Most High to make me a better mother and teacher. I truly thank you for spreading your knowledge and wisdom. You have no idea how much your email made my day….as I was getting my lesson plan together for the week. I know it wasn’t a coincidence.

    1. Thanks for your comment and honesty. Being a mom and homeschooler can be tiring, but as you know God can give you strength & encouragement. He is the One who can show you direction and discernment in your homeschool.

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