5 Days of How to Homeschool: Teaching Tip #1

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Over the next few days,  I’ll be running a series that includes 4 tips I encourage homeschool moms to do, especially if they want their kids to grow in wisdom and Biblical thinking.  Step by step ideas on how to homeschool! Check back every day…or sign up for updates in the box to the right —>>>

5 days of how to homeschool - teaching tip #1 from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com

What Are Those 4 Tips?
Read on and see.

How to Homeschool My Child old school boy

For hundreds of years, public education was provided for the poor so they could be productive in society.  In other words, so the poor could get a job and fulfill a need in society.  The same teaching techniques were taught to everyone at each level, not taking into account individual strengths & weaknesses.

When the education was complete, the student was able to consider “what to think”, never “how to think”.

Those same teaching techniques are used today across America in public schools, private schools and homeschools where most children receive an education designed for the poor.

One of my goals in homeschooling was that my children receive a superior education and learn “how to think Biblically” while making wise decisions in the future.

Originally in my homeschool, I discovered that I was not preparing my children to be leaders.  Instead, my home schooling curriculum was training them to follow my lead, just like the public school trains kids to follow instead of lead.

Each week I would discuss assignments with my children.  Then they would follow my directions and work diligently.  Good little worker bees!

I soon found that my older children were not taking initiative in their education.  They simply followed.

Obedience to authority is a good quality, but I needed to go beyond obedience.  I needed to instill in my kids a desire to learn and think on their own.

My homeschooling curriculum needed to change.  I’d like to share the first of four “how to homeschool” teaching tips that I followed the last 4-6 years of homeschooling my own kids.  These allow you to implement leadership education in your own homeschool today.

How To Homeschool Teaching Tip #1

Before I could develop leadership in my own children, I needed to evaluate their character.  Character is foundational to be a wise leader.  Wisdom and virtue are absolute necessities for leaders who change the world in a positive manner.  Perseverance and a healthy work ethic must be in place for your children to think and study on their own. (For ideas on work ethic, click here – A Job Well Done!)

I always wanted my children to have strong character in the Lord.  My desire to raise leaders for the future encouraged me to re-evaluate my children’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Take a look at your own children and determine what you can encourage in their character development and what needs to be weeded out.  Begin to push your children to persevere in the face of adversity.  Taking small steps now with integrity, dignity, and honesty lays a foundation for adult life.

Last, but not certainly not least, is the development of wisdom.  This means your children have opportunities to “think” on their own. To give answers on their own…not just the textbook answers.

One of the best ways to develop thinking skills is to ask questions on a regular basis.  Questions about your family’s readings are a fantastic place to start.  As you ask questions and provide opportunities to think, your children start walking down the road to wisdom.

We started at the dinner table. Since we ate dinner together (you do eat a meal together as a family, don’t you?)…

Since we ate together each night, we used those times to visit & ask questions. We might ask questions about our readings or current events or concerns of our kids. The point was to get our kids to think, so they could begin to evaluate what they heard or saw from a Biblical perspective.  Thus, they would think Biblically about a newsletter article, a TV show, or a friend’s comment. They would begin to use God’s wisdom as they made decisions.

Wisdom must be cultivated and you are the perfect one to use homeschool teaching opportunities with your child.

If you would like more info about character building or hopping off that school conveyor belt, check out Raising Leaders, Not Followers.

In the next article, I’ll share teaching technique two to help you develop a love of learning in your children so they can become future leaders.

How to Homeschool My Child

What ideas do you have for developing Godly character in your kids? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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5 Days of How to Homeschool:

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  1. Thank you for this article. It confirms how I have been feeling for so many years; the struggle with wanting to be ahead of the standards and wondering if there is something wrong if they aren’t.

    I love and grasp the fact that every moment in my household of five, there is a teachable moment. I see something that needs to be corrected for future wisdom, and I run with it. I also have major struggles with holding it down too! When my mom died in May 2012, at the young age of 58, also having a horrible miscarriage, my family turning on me, severing from a church that my family faithfully served at for 12 years, and being wrongfully terminated from my place of employment for over 8 years working with children that I practically raised-I have seen so much pain. My children have been there through it all and as I grow through through this season of pain, loss, grief, betrayal and rejection, I see my 10 year old child being molded into this beautiful creation and she will be stepping into the place that God has called her to be-a leader in HIS kingdom. My other children are also molding into beautiful objects of love and purpose. Like I stated earlier, I have healing to do and days are sometimes rough but I am more than a conqueror and I believe that this pruning of my life is because my God is preparing me for something out of this world!

    I hope this helps someone. Whatever you are going through-it WILL pass. And that is a promise!

    1. Charisse,
      Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know it will encourage & inspire others.
      It’s so hard to watch our family go through struggles, but God is glorified and we are more like him through the process.
      Thanks again,

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