How to Encourage Your Husband {Marriage on Mondays}

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Last Thursday, Steve lived one of his dreams.

Do you encourage your husband to live his dreams
or enjoy his hobbies?

For years, Steve wanted to play his guitar and sing at a coffee house or restaurant.  When we lived in Idaho, one of our friends was Eric E., a professional musician. Steve asked him to listen to him play & sing, so he could get some feedback.  Steve showed up at the local coffee shop and played a few songs for Eric.  Eric told him to keep playing, so he did…for at least an hour.

When it was over, Eric told him that he should be playing at coffee shops and needed to cut a demo CD. Well, we never got that demo CD made.

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Fast forward 5 years (yep, it took 5 more years for Steve to take action) . . .

Steve has been playing & singing on our deck, in the office or in the kitchen.  Lots of hours of practice.  Right before we left for San Salvador, he was asked to fill in during a band’s break at a local restaurant – Ozona’s.  He sang three songs, and the bookie wants to book Steve for November.

Two days later, we were eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Shipwreck. Before Jarrod started singing, Steve told him what an inspiration he had been. He shared about playing at Ozona’s. Later in the evening, Jarrod announced that he would take a break, but  he has a special guest.

Special Guest = Steve

While Jarrod sang before his break, Steve started thinking what song he should sing.  He did a GREAT JOB! After 2 performances & 2 different restaurants in one week, he was encouraged to play more.

At home, he started practicing even more. Yeah, there were speakers & cords all over our living room. But, I wanted to encourage Steve in something he loves. I wanted to be a wife that knows how to encourage your husband. So, I ignored the cords & speakers. When he asked what songs he should sing, I helped him pick out songs that would be fun.

Last Thursday, Steve played for 3 hours at Shipwreck. He had his own personal fan club because our friends supported him

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And he will play at Sikorski’s two weeks from Thursday.

Your husband works hard each week to provide for your family. He juggles a lot of balls to be a good provider, a good husband and a good dad. I’m sure he strives to be a Godly leader in your family. But sometimes wives keep piling on the pressure to do more & more & more & more.

I’ll be honest…when the kids were home, I sometimes had unreal expectations. I expected Steve to be Superman. I needed to relax and let him refresh by doing something he loves.

What does your hubby enjoy doing?

  • Hunting
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Fishing
  • Basketball
  • Playing the guitar or piano
  • Reading
  • Watching sports

I may not have mentioned everything a guy enjoys doing, but you get the picture. Do you allow your hubby some time to relax & refresh?  He needs some down time every once in awhile. You should think of how to encourage your husband .

Not only does Steve enjoy playing his guitar & singing, he loves to pistol shoot and hunt.  Since the kids were young, it didn’t bother me that he left for a hunting weekend.  I knew he would be a better dad and husband if he spent a weekend with the guys.

Over time, he took the kids on hunting weekends. I remember one long April weekend when he took all our kids turkey hunting. I don’t think they got any turkeys, but they had a fun weekend together with Dad. And I had a relaxing weekend, all by myself at home.

It’s the law of reciprocity…when you give your husband time with the guys, you’ll end up with some time to relax & refresh, too.

How to respect your husband If you need some ideas on how to encourage & respect your husband, I highly recommend 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband.

Question: How do you encourage your husband? You can leave a comment by clicking here.



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