How to Clean House with Kids

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How to clean house with kids underfoot can be challenging. That’s why I made a quick video for you. I show you the good, the bad, the ugly in my home right now. You’ll also learn what we taught our kids about house cleaning, from preschool to high school.

We believed our kids should contribute to our family as they grew up. That’s one reason, we taught them how to clean up, clean bathrooms and kitchens, do the laundry and much more.

What’s your biggest challenge in cleaning  your home?

Do you involve your kids in house cleaning?

I was shocked to read that moms clean teenagers’ rooms and make their beds. That wasn’t happening in our home. Teenagers might be busy, with all their activities. But, they are not too busy to clean their own room. Or, to expect Mom to clean their room or make their bed daily.

When you pick up after you preschooler or make your teen’s bed, you are teaching them to be lazy and messy. They know Mom will clean up, so why clean up?

How to Clean House with Kids

5 Tips on How to Clean House with Kids

  1. Toddlers & Preschoolers Can Help
    Stop picking up after your little ones. They can pick up toys, carry clean clothes to their room, take their plate to the sink after meals and put clothes in their dirty clothes hamper.
  2. Give Ample Time to “Learn” How to Clean House
    I recommend at least one month for each area of the home. I taught my kids how to clean bathrooms, vacuum/mop, do laundry once they were about ten years old.  They had the same job  for at least one month so they had plenty of time to practice with my guidance.
  3. Use Baskets
    Baskets in every room, if necessary. Baskets for toys. Baskets for books. Baskets for puzzles. Baskets for art supplies. Baskets for everything. Baskets give your items a “home”.
  4. Make House Cleaning Fun
    Involve your entire family for an hour and get it done! Turn the music up…LOUD! Dance. Give rewards if job is completed on time.
  5. Find Your Place of Solace
    Find a place in your home that you have control over.  You clean it the way you want it cleaned. Mine was my bedroom because it was my place of quiet.

Get an update on my decluttering challenge and how to declutter with kids right here.

What space will you declutter with me?

how to simplify your homeschool
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