How to Celebrate Mothers Day at Home

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When my kids were home, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in line at a crowded restaurant on Mothers Day. Did you know Mothers Day is one of the busiest restaurant days in the year? Most years our family chose to celebrate at home, so let’s look at how to celebrate Mothers Day at home this year.

how to celebrate mothers day

Are you saying to yourself, I wish things were different this year?

Do you feel stuck at home and yearn to go somewhere, anywhere to celebrate Mothers Day?

We’re all in this together, so let’s make the most of it with these fresh ideas to have a great Mothers day, even at home. I’ve got you covered with a plan throughout the entire day, from morning to afternoon and evening. Fun ideas on how to celebrate Mothers Day at home.

Before I get started, I realize that it’s probably the moms reading this post. If you have older kids, share this post with them and let them plan Mothers Day. If you have younger kids, share this post with your hubby so he can start planning a terrific day for mom. Let’s get going!

Start your day by letting mom sleep in. What a wonderful gift you can give, and it’s entirely free. While mom is sleeping in, the kids can cook breakfast. After breakfast watch your church service.

Mothers Day Breakfast Ideas

To make mom feel extra-special serve mom in bed with a simple breakfast. The easiest breakfast idea I know is our Overnight Coffee Cake. You mix it up on Saturday night. Put it in the frig. On Sunday morning, pull it out of the refrigerator and bake it. In 30 minutes, you’ll have a delicious breakfast for mom.

If you have a garden, the kids can pick a few flowers to put in a small vase. Add a cup of coffee and some fruit on your breakfast tray. Voila! Breakfast in bed.

If you want to go all out, you might make biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls or pull apart bread. I have some of these recipes in our Easy Family Meal Ideas Recipe Book. You can grab it for free by leaving your name & email below.

Mothers Day Brunch Ideas

If you think mom might like to sleep even later, you can plan a special brunch at home. I know it might be easier to go out for brunch, but with shelter-in, you’ll need to be creative.

Start by letting the kids make these cute Mother’s Day placemats to use at the table. Many homeschoolers have a laminator, so you might want to laminate them for a keepsake placemat.

easy brunch recipe - shrimp & grits

This brunch is centered around one of my very favorite dishes. . . shrimp & grits. I have the best cheese grits recipe ever. I didn’t even like grits until my sister in law made these grits for us 10 years ago. They are to die for.

If you don’t like shrimp and grits, substitute breakfast tacos or egg casserole. I’ve included all the recipes in our new Brunch Recipe Book. If your kids are cooking, the easiest main dish is the egg casserole. You can make it on Saturday night, if you like.

easy brunch recipes - stuffed french toast

After you choose your main dish, add a bread, fruit & dessert. Stuffed French Toast has a layer of cream cheese filling in between the toast. All you do is layer it and bake it. Or, choose a bread from one of our breakfast options above, like Overnight Coffee Cake or Angel Biscuits. All the recipes are in our Easy Family Meal Ideas Recipe Book. Enter your name & email below to get your free copy.

Top off your brunch with a mimosa or a cup of coffee.

easy brunch recipes - trifle

To make a showstopping dessert, serve this gorgeous trifle. Even though it’s beautiful, it’s simple to make because you use frozen pound cake, fruit, and instant pudding cream.

Cut up thawed pound cake. Clean & slice the fruit. Layer cream, fruit & cake to get this delicious brunch dessert. Get all the breakfast & brunch recipes by leaving your name & email below.

Plan Mom’s Afternoon & Evening

Ask mom what she wants to do. Really!

She may want to take a hot bubble bath and listen to soothing music. Or, she might want to read a book, all by herself. Maybe she wants to have a tickle war with all her kids and then go on a family walk.

Find out what mom wants to do in the afternoon and make it happen.

If you normally visit Grandma or other family on Mother’s Day, you might not be able to do so this year. Why not have an extended family Zoom call? Our family did this last Sunday evening. It was special to hear how everyone was doing, and to see our grandkids running around.

If Grandma (or Grandpa) isn’t technical, you might want to do a practice Zoom video call so the software is already downloaded. It took me a little while to help my dad get Zoom working on his computer. But the time it took was well worth it. They loved seeing their great grandkids.

I know Zoom isn’t the same as being there in person. You can’t hug each other, but it’s probably the next best thing to honor the moms in your extended family. I hope we continue our extended family zoom calls when we can’t be together for a special holiday.

Did you know you can record your zoom call and send it to Grandma? You could also send your mom pictures or a video of your kids. You’ll both have keepsakes from a unique Mothers Day.

End the day with movie night. Of course, mom gets to choose the movie. I bet she chooses one the kids will enjoy, too. You can enjoy a big batch of popcorn or have pizza delivered.

Let’s move on to gifts & cards. This needs to be done before Sunday, May 10. Get a jump on it now …

Homemade Gift Ideas

Yep . . . homemade means you can make these at home. Give your kids a break from homeschooling. Let them be creative with a fun project. They love you, mom. They want to show you how much by making a fun gift.

I only chose gifts where you can buy all the supplies at WalMart, JoAnn’s Fabric or Home Depot. Since I know they’re still open, it’s easy to get supplies if you don’t have them at home right now. Let’s start with a great memory gift.

Make a Memory Jar for Mom – 4 One More (includes printable)
Make a Mini Masterpiece for Mom – Beyond the Stick Figure
Handprint Apron – Old Salt Farm
Washi Tape Pencil Holder – Life with Love Bugs
Flower Triptych – Fun with a Message
Washi Tape Bookmarks – Life with Love Bugs

For older kids
Mothers Day Photo Vases – Mod Podge Rocks – I’d try modpodging a photo on a glass vase, if you don’t want to build your own vase.
Footprint Stoool – Old Salt Farm

Handmade Cards

My kids and I created handmade cards for all occasions. Try your hand at some of these ideas. Very simple.

Paper Heart Card – Parent Spot
Fill in the Blank Mothers Day Poem – TPT
Teapot Card & Gift – Messy Little Monster

how to celebrate mothers day

how to simplify your homeschool
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    1. Karen,
      I hope you can connect with family on Sunday. We’ve also used Google Hangouts, but we tend to use zoom the most. Happy Mothers Day

  1. Mother’s day is going to be doubly sad this year for me. I really am missing my mom and my daughter is fighting brain cancer. Also cause of covid we cant go out and see my granddaughters.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that Jennylyn. I prayed for your family. Maybe you can get on a Zoom call with your daughter. Praying a mighty miracale for your daughter.

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