How I’m Not Getting Overwhelmed with My Health

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By now, you’ve heard about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. It’s all over the internet.

I guess I’m a day late in sharing my thoughts. Tuesday night, Steve invited me out for “music on the deck” to one of our favorite (casual) restaurants. So, I chose an evening with my hubby over blogging!

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the healthy recommendations for moms, especially while trying to juggle homeschooling?  I sure do!

I think I’ve found a solution & you can join me in learning how to not be overwhelmed.

Over the next few days, I will post some reviews of books in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  Until then, let me share my thoughts about this bundle & YOU decide if it’s a good resource for you.

The bundle has over 80 ebooks, video courses & printables. That seems overwhelming to me, too.  Does it to you?

Here’s how I’m sorting through my Healthy Living Bundle. Yep, I have my own bundle.

1.  Choose a few topics that are most important to me to improve my health or topics I want to learn more about.  For me, I’m choosing Essential Oils, Natural Skin Care & Natural Remedies. My daughter, Gentry, struggles with eczema, so I want to learn more about a natural cure for eczema.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve never been that into green cleaning until the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle last April. I received one of the bonuses (Dizolve laundry detergent in sheets). They come in a small 5×8 box that you tear off. No more jugs of liquid or messy powder.  I love them.

I actually ordered more Dizolve packages a few weeks ago. Thanks Ultimate Bundle Team for providing such wonderful bonuses for us to try.  All that to say, I want to learn a little more about green cleaning.

2.  For each of those topics, choose a 1-2 books to get started.  Here’s my list:

3. Now, I have a starting place & I’m not overwhelmed by 80+ resources.

Hey, if I learn one thing from each of these 8 books, it is well worth my investment.  I’m sure as I get into my bundle, I’ll find more goodies to help me along with my healthy living journey.

If you want to make a change in your family (even small steps), this bundle is only available for 5 more days at $29.97 right here. You won’t be sorry!

And, if you use my link to get your bundle, I’ll be sending you a FREE printable on Essential Oils 101 & Reducing Stress through Scheduling ebook.

4. You get the benefit of seeing what I learn from each of these ebooks.  Check back on my blog.

Have you seen all the topics covered in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?  Click here to get a list.


Having said all this about living healthy, I still think there is a balance. I don’t plan to give up ice cream, but I recently changed my diet. After living at home this summer, Hunter, my 21yo son, said, “Yeah, all there is in the frig is old people diet food.”

What that means is there’s not a lot of potatoes, rice, pasta & bread.  He doesn’t eat sweets, but he loves his starches with meats.  However, my body gains weight when I eat too many starches, so I don’t serve them much.

What I love about this bundle is you can pick & choose what works for you & your family.

I encourage you to get a copy and see for yourself.  If, for some reason, it’s not helpful, there’s a full 1-year return policy. You can’t lose with that guarantee. Grab your copy here.

BONUSES when you use my link to get your Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle:

  1. FREE printable on Essential Oils 101
  2. Reducing Stress through Scheduling ebook

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.Question: What struggles do you have in living a healthy life? What tips can you share about healthy living You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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