How To Homeschool My Child

How do you decide?

How do you decide?

There are so many choices in the Build Your Bundle Sale. How do you know what will help your family the most?

Have you looked at your goals sheet? If not, grab your goals.

You do have goals, don’t you? (wink)

Then go through these lists & videos to choose what is best for YOUR family!

I made several videos to show you the inside of many of the resources I purchased myself. Besides the Special Science Bundle I shared earlier this week, I  created a few more with my favorite resources in these areas.

Check them out below. Click the title of my special bundle and they will be all ready to put in your shopping cart.

My hope is when you “see” a few pages of the resources, it will help you decide whether or not that will help your homeschool. With summer right around the corner either of these first 2 bundles will be lots of fun…and your kids won’t realize they’re learning.

Love of Learning Bundle

What’s included in my Love of Learning Bundle?
I tried to list these items in order starting with preschool & moving to teens. The last few items can be used with all ages.

  • Letter of the Week Crafts Bundle 9.99
  • Preschool Homeschool Bundle (Five Senses) 17.00
  • Math Art: Daily “Math for Fun” Bite-Sized Activities 6.50
  • Building Bricks Activity Bundle (who doesn’t love legos) 25.00
  • HIS Story of the 20th Century Cookbook (learn with food) 25.00 – On 2nd video… one of my favorite resources. Who doesn’t love to learn with food?
  • American Girl Units 13-15 19.87
  • Jesse Wilcox Smith Mad Hatter Tea Party 5.00
  • Holiday Writing Lessons 29.00
  • Let’s Have a Luau 12.00
  • Navigation, Maps, Finding Your Way 15.00
  • Christian Heroes Movie Night Bundle 12.99
  • Let’s Study William Shakespeare 22.00
  • Drawing Around the World: USA 22.95
  • Drawing Around the World: Europe 22.95
  • Presidential Election Fact Pack 7.50
  • 2020 Summer Olympics Fact Pack 7.50
  • Meal Planning for Kids 24.97
  • Paleontologist Kids Activities Unit Study 24.97

Total 310.19 …..but you pay ONLY $62.04 with 80% discount (retail is over $200)

Summer Science Fun Bundle

What’s included in my Summer Science Fun Bundle?

  • Nature Study Hacking: Insects 10.99 (I love their approach with nature journaling)
  • Nature Study Hacking: Trees 10.99 (brings back happy memories of our homeschool days)
  • A Spring Garden Unit Study 4.99
  • Anatomy of Animals Notebooking Pages 12.00
  • Current Conditions (Weather) 14.99
  • Organic Gardening Art & Science Unit 5.80
  • My Bird Binder 5.00
  • Navigation, Maps, Finding Your Way 15.00
  • Let’s Study Archimedes 17.00
  • Let’s Study Galileo 37.00
  • Let’s Study Sir Isaac Newton 27.00
  • Paleontologist Kids Activities Unit Study 24.97

Total 185.73 …..but you pay ONLY $46.43 with 75% discount

Notebooking Special Bundle

What’s included in my Notebooking Bundle?

I loved using notebooking in my homeschool. I wish they had all these pre-made notebooking pages back in the day. If I were you, I’d choose the topics you plan to study this year and add them to your bundle. Below are all the resources I found that offer notebooking pages.

  • Travel the World: Experience the Creator 5.00
  • Asia Country by Country Bundle 12.00
  • Giants of the Faith, Medieval Times 11.95
  • Country Research Flip Books 18.00
  • Current Conditions 14.99
  • Anatomy of Animals Notebooking Page 12.00
  • Hands On Presidents 15.95
  • 50 States Notebooking Pages 9.99
  • Across the USA 17.47
  • Native American Tribal Chiefs Unit Study 10.00
  • Spring Lapbook (well, any of the lapbooks) 8.00

Total 135.35 …..but you pay ONLY $33.84 with 75% discount (over $100 retail)

Language Arts Special Bundle

This bundle is not about Penmanship or Copywork. If you’re looking for help with either of those, check out the Curated Bundles.

SIDE NOTE: This Language Arts Special Bundle is not big enough to discount by itself. However, you can add it any of the other bundles and get 75-85% discount. I had to recommend these because I think they are so good.

  • How to Write Poetry 9.00
  • Holiday Writing Lessons 29.00 (in Love of Learning video above)
  • Let’s Study Shakespeare: Medieval England 22.00 (in Love of Learning video above)

Great Bible Helps for Moms…and Kids

I love the chore box & wish I had it when my kids were young. I chose this year’s planner based on Gentry’s choice. I figured my daughters know what moms are looking for more than me. Click here to get this bundle.

  • The Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal: A New School Year 10.00
  • Teaching Good Manners: Teaching Tips for Busy Moms 10.00
  • Life. Unimaginable Planner 11.00
  • A Simple Advent Journey (Back) to Jesus 5.00
  • Housekeeping Chore Box for Kids & Families 9.00
  • God’s Girls 104: Motherhood 25.00
  • “Dear Faith” Keepsake Correspondence Series 12.95
  • Jesus: Arrival of a King Lapbook 8.00
  • Death & Resurrection of a King Lapbook 8.00

Total 118.92 …..but you pay ONLY $29.73 with 75% discount (over $100 retail)

Your BYB Tour Guide Tips of the Day

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What questions do you have?
Which resources will match your goals and are worth your money?

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