Top 10 Questions I’m Asked About Homeschooling

Last week I was having coffee with a friend who doesn’t homeschool. She had to ask me 2 questions. I’ll start with those & then share the other questions I’m asked.

1. Do homeschoolers choose to homeschool for religious reasons?

A: Some do, but many don’t. Many families are concerned with the education their kids receive from public schools.

2. What about socialization?

A: I knew this one was coming. It’s the #1 question I get asked.

I could put my kids in activities with other kids every day of the week. I don’t! We let our kids choose a couple of activities in which to participate. When we lived in Idaho, my kids worked on homeschool until 3pm. Then , it was off to sports practice with the public schools. This was a great opportunity for our kids.

3. How do you do it? I could never homeschool.

A: I’m thinking: “How could I NOT homeschool.” I usually say: It’s really not that hard, nor does it take all day long to cover a day’s worth of studies.

4. How do you keep organized?

A: I used a simple spreadsheet. Days across the top; subject areas down the left side. Fill in the boxes. I include a row across the bottom for extra-curricular activities. My kids each had their own weekly spreadsheet to follow.

college1 girl with books5. Will your kids be ready for college?

A: I wondered about this one. It is more important to me that my kids had a solid foundation in the classics, tools of learning & Biblical worldview. If that prepares them for college, great!

Bonus: All 3 of my kids have succeeded in college. My oldest got her bachelors degree in 2 years. My other two were on the dean’s list as freshman with a semester of 4.0 -which continued in future years.

I guess what we did worked 🙂 and they were ready for college!

6. Which writing curricula is best to use?

A: Easy one.
I used Excellence in Writing for all our writing instruction in homeschooling. As a former public school teacher who taught writing, it took me awhile to find something that went beyond “what to write about”. IEW teaches kids how to write, rather than brainstorming what to write about.

7. How do you teach high school subjects?

A: We read lots of books together and discussed what we read, mostly classics. We studied history together and discovered a Biblical worldview perspective. For some subject areas, I taught my kids individually. For other subjects, I found a DVD series or an online course.

In other words, I found experts in a subject area when I was unable to step up to the plate.

8. How do you prepare your kids for college?

A: See #5.
I wasn’t concentrating on college entrance during the high school years. If my kids attended college, there should be a reason for it. They should know what they want to do with a college career. I spent more time teaching my kids to think Biblically & critically in all subject areas.

family read together9. How do you give your kids a love of learning?

A: Have fun with learning yourself. Go on field trips. Provide lots of hands-on activities in areas of your child’s interest. Read aloud together. Spend time together as a family. Be an example to your kids. Learn with them.

10. How do you provide the right tools of learning?

A: Good question. By the time my kids were entering 9th grade, I weaned them off mom. That’s the entire point of liberal education – to liberate (or free) yourself from the teacher. My kids spent lots of time writing about what we learned & keeping a reading journal. This helped them express themselves. They also learned to do research on their own. First with my guidance & later by themselves.

Hope this helps.
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