Super Bowl Math…& Other Homeschool Math Ideas

Here are some fun ways to use the Super Bowl while teaching homeschool math to the kids.

– Graph each Super Bowl champion team and the number of times they have won the Super Bowl.

– Graph the point spread for each Super Bowl (difference between points of winner and loser)

– Determine the average points scored by all winning teams.

See what other ideas you can come up with too!

Not a Sports Lover?

If you are not into sports or football, look at your family interests and find a way to integrate Math. If you love animals, graph the sizes of your favorite animals. Or, graph the weights of your favorite newborn animals.

If you like astronomy, find the ratios of each planet to the earth. Or, graph the sizes of each planet.

You get the idea…We love sports, so I use that to teach math. Your family may love something else…Use that passion to teach math.




p.s. Post a comment of how you might integrate your family’s passion into homeschool. I’ll be choosing 5 winners to get our ebook, Keeping Kids Busy.