Read Aloud Each Day

Since we posted our Top 10 Read Aloud Books yesterday, I wanted to share more about when we read aloud.

Read Aloud Each Day

As some of you know, we read aloud after lunch when we first started homeschooling. In fact, my kids were recently laughing about because I would fall asleep reading. I’d task one of my kids to finish reading. I decided this was sending a bad signal to my kids about reading.

 So, I made a change.

In order to show my kids how important reading is to me, I decided to start our day with reading aloud. Boy, did I hear it.

“I won’t finish my math if we read first”

“I need to work on my project”

“I’ll never complete all my schoolwork”

Read Aloud Each Da I stood firm the first year and my kids slowly adjusted to our new schedule. Each morning we started with an hour of family time which included at least half an hour of reading aloud together.

What I didn’t realize at the time was the benefit of starting our day together. Let’s face it, whatever is most important to you is what you do first. Bible time and reading are extremely important to me. During breakfast we have family devotions and during family time we read aloud. My priorities line up with my activities.

  • What is most important to you in your homeschool?
  • How do you start your homeschool day?
  • Do your activities line up with your priorities?