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How To Homeschool My Child
“Name Your Price” Sale

“Name Your Price” Sale

Homeschool SaleIt’s spring cleaning time…and I’ve done some spring cleaning with our homeschool items. I’m having a “Name Your Price” Sale. Here’s how it works:

  1. Email us your price for each item you want to purchase. Package items need to stay together so send a price for the entire package. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.
  2. First come, First served
  3. We will weigh your order to determine shipping & handling.
  4. You will receive a paypal invoice with the total price with shipping & handling.
  5. Once we receive your payment, your order will ship.

Some items have multiple copies. Others have only 1 copy.


Math-U-See Advanced Math Package (used)
Includes the following:
Training Videos VHS (2)
Teacher Manual
Extra Practice Sheets



Memory and Reading Package (used)

Mega Memory by: Kevin Trudeau
Includes the following:
Audio Cassette Tapes
Pocket Guide

Maximum Speed Reading by Howard Stephen Berg
Includes the following:
Video Tape


Visual Manna – Dinosaur Art Project Book by: Sharron Jeffus
(new, but older version) 1 more left



Test Prep Package (used)
DSST (Dante’s Subject Standardized Test): Official Test-Prep Guide by Peterson’s (2001) — 2nd edition

CLEP: Official Study Guide by CLEP (2004)
Includes the following:
Sampler CD

Peterson’s PSAT Success 2002 by Shirley Tarbell & Byron Demmer


CLEP Business Management Package (used)

Advance Placement Examination Guide: Microeconomics & Macroeconomics by Richard Sattora and Research & Education Assoc. (2004)
Essentials: Business Law 1 – Quick Access to the Important Facts and Concepts by William D Keller and Research & Education Assoc (2002)
CLEP Principles of Management by: Donald E. Hovey Ph.D.
Discover the Moolah Map Attraction Plan by: Armand Morin (DVD and Audio)


Saxon Algebra 1 Kit by John H. Saxon Jr. — 3rd Edition (used) SOLD
Includes the following:

Student Textbook
Answer Key
Solutions Manual
Test Forms

Accelerated Distance Learning by Brad Voeller – NEW (Retail: $19.95)




Grammar Package (used)
Word Roots B1 CD by Critical Thinking – USED (CD Only)
Our Mother Tongue Answer Key by Nancy Wilson (2)
Rules of the Game 2 Teacher Key by Mary Page, Peter Guthrie & Sloan Sable (2002)
IEW Student Workshop Video (Middle School) by Andrew Pudewa
Mars Hill Audio Journal



American Government – Teacher’s Edition by BJU Press (2nd edition) (used)




Child Training Package (used)
Child Training by: Michael & Debi Pearl
Includes the Following:
Session 3&4 (VHS)
Session 5 (VHS)
Husbands Love Your Wives (VHS) by: Michael Pearl
To Train Up a Child (Audiobook) by: Michael & Debi Pearl (3 cassettes)


Biblical Lifestyle Package (used)
A Biblical Home (Sixteen Sermons) by: Douglas Wilson

  • Includes the Following:
  • Topics 1-8 on CD (Retail: $20.00)
  • Topics 9-16 on CD (Retail: $34.00)

Walking in Holiness & Wisdom CD Series by: Douglas Wilson & Chris Schlect



Vision Forum Package
(used – will break up this package, if you like)

1. Making Wise Decisions About College and Life After Home School (Audio) by: Doug Phillips (2 cassettes) (Retail: $7.00)


2. Building a Family that Will Stand (Audio) by: Doug Phillips, Phil Lancaster, and John Thompson (Retail: $30.00)

Includes the Following:

  • Back to Patriarchy: Returning to Responsibility (Cassette 1)
  • The Patriarchal Vision (Cassette 2)
  • Shepherding Your Child’s Heart (Cassette 3)
  • The Busy Father as Family Shepherd (Cassette 4)
  • Preparing Sons for Marriage and Life Purpose (Cassette 5)
  • Panel Discussion: Building a Family that Will Stand (Cassette 7)
  • Biblical Manhood: Revival & Revivalism (Cassette 8)

3. Back to Patriarchy 2000: A Conference for Men of Vision (Audio) by: Doug Phillips, Phil Lancaster, and John Thompson
Includes the Following:

  • Renewing the Family Vision (Cassette 1)
  • Building a Christian Family Culture (Cassette 2)
  • To Be a Freeman: Making Wise Life-Choices that Render Us Free to be Men of God (Cassette 3)
  • “Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match” (Cassette 4)
  • Patriarchal Preparations for the 21st Century (Cassette 5)
  • The Disciplines of Patriarchy (Cassette 6)
  • Predictions, Q&A, and Group Discussion (Cassette 7)


Party Package (NEW)
Party Creations: Paper Crafts Magazine
Pass the Chocolate by: Scrapbook Synergy
Pass the Chocolate by: Scrapbook Synergy (NEW)



Scrapbook Package (NEW)
Party Creations: Paper Crafts Magazine
Pass the Chocolate by: Scrapbook Synergy
Stamp It! Magazine
Scrapbooking Life’s Little Treasures by: Creative Keepsakes

Quick Study on Debt Teacher Workbook (paperback-NEW)
by: Stephen Beck (Retail: $15.00)



Fruitful Life: Study of Colossians 1:1-23
by: John MacArthur (6 audio cassettes)
Transition to Scholar Workbook (NEW)
by: Oliver & Rachel DeMille (Retail: $9.97)


The Blue and The Gray Series (NEW)
Within the Enemy’s Lines by: Oliver Optic (Retail: $14.95)
On the Blockade by: Oliver Optic (Retail: $14.95)
Taken by the Enemy by: Oliver Optic (Retail: $14.95)



A Father’s Stew: The Biblical Integration of Family, Work and Ministry
(talk based on the book)
A Father's Stew
by: Stephen Beck (Audio CD) (Retail: $10.00)


Starting a Family Business on eBay (Retail: $27.00 – NEW)
by: Kerry Beck
(3 MP3 Audios on CD)

Best Books of All Times…in Chronological Order (Book on CD)
by: Gentry Beck (Retail: $7.50)
Cover has water damage but cd is fine

Math-U-See Basic Algebra & Geometry Package (used)
Includes the Following:
Student Text – only 1st 10 out of 36 lessons have been used
Teacher Manual


Secrets to Online Auction Success Package
Secrets to Online Auctin Success (NEW – original price $397)
Includes the Following:
4 Audio CDs
Bonus Audio and Video Tutorial CDs
Resource Binder
Although the look/ feel of eBay has changed, the principles taught in this course still work. I continue to be a Power Seller by using these principles.




Home from Holly Springs (hardback, like new, retail 26.95)
by Jan Karon

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