Love of Learning – What’s your Family’s Lifestyle of Learning?

To develop a love of learning in your children, you may have to change your lifestyle to one of discovery and learning, not just workbooks which give the appearance of learning.

Think about this for a minute.

When you want to learn something, do you get a workbook and fill it out?

Maybe if you’re figuring out finances you fill out a workbook. For the most part, you don’t study a workbook to learn something. You go to the library, get books and read about your chosen topic. You may discuss it with other people in your family so that it becomes a real life experience; it becomes part of you.

If you are learning and loving your education, it will transfer to your children. Several of my newsletter readers have asked me about this issue. Let me share about my oldest daughter who matured in her desire to learn, going beyond just a love of learning.

Several years ago, she chose classes she wanted to take in furthering her education. One was Greek and the other was Astronomy. These were her interests, not necessarily mine. We agreed to help her find somewhere she could learn about these topics. She found someone who could mentor her in these subject areas. For Greek she attended a class at the local college and for Astronomy she took an online class. This coming year she will further her education by choosing other topics she wants to study, possibly shadowing someone and continuing her Greek class.

How will you encourage your kids in their love of learning? Post a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear, but more importantly your comments will encourage other homeschool moms !!!