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How To Homeschool My Child
How to Homeschool: Teaching Tip #1

How to Homeschool: Teaching Tip #1

This week & next week, I’ll be running a series that includes 4 tips you must be doing if your kids are homeschooled and you want them to grow in wisdom and critical/Biblical thinking. Step by step ideas on how to homeschool!

What are those 4 Tips?
Read on and see.

For hundreds of years, public education was provided for the poor so they could be productive in society. In other How to Homeschool My Child old school boywords, so they could get a job and fulfill a need in society. The same teaching techniques were taught to everyone at each level, not taking into account individual strengths & weaknesses.

When the education was complete, the student was able to consider “what to think”, never “how to think”.

The same teaching techniques are used today across America in public schools, private schools and homeschools where most children receive this education designed for the poor.

One of the goals for my children is they receive a superior education and learn “how to think Biblically” and make wise decisions in the future.

Over the past few years I discovered that I was not preparing my children to be leaders. Instead, my home schooling curriculum was training them to follow my lead, just like the public school trains kids to follow instead of lead.

Each week I would discuss assignments with my children. Then they would follow my directions and work diligently.

Obedience to authority is a good quality, but I needed to go beyond obedience. However, I needed to instill a desire for my children to learn and think on their own. I soon found that my children were not taking initiative in their education. They simply followed.

My home schooling curriculum needed to change. I’d like to share the first of four “how to homeschool” teaching tips to offer how your family can change and how you can implement leadership education in your own homeschool today.

How To Homeschool Teaching Tip #1

Before I could develop leadership in my own children, I needed to evaluate their character. Character is foundational to be a wise leader. Wisdom and virtue are absolute necessities for leaders who change the world in a positive manner. Perseverance and a healthy work ethic must be in place for your children to think and study on their own. (For ideas on work ethic, click here – A Job Well Done!)

I have always wanted my children to have strong character in the Lord. My desire to raise leaders for the future encouraged me to re-evaluate my children’s strengths and weaknesses.

How to Homeschool My Child little boysTake a look at your own children and determine what should be furthered in their character development and what needs to be weeded out. Begin to push your children to persevere in the face of adversity. Taking small steps now with integrity, dignity, and honesty lays a foundation for adult life.


Last, but not certainly not least, is the development of wisdom. One of the best ways to develop wisdom is to ask questions on a regular basis. Questions about your family’s readings are a fantastic place to start. As you ask questions and provide opportunities to think, your children start walking down the road to wisdom. Wisdom must be cultivated and you are the perfect one to do this for your child.

In the next article, I’ll share teaching technique two to help you develop a love of learning in your children so they can become future leaders.

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How to Homeschool My Child


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