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How to Homeschool – Should You Individualize?

How to Homeschool – Should You Individualize?

Let’s talk about personalizing lessons in your homeschool.

I think individualization is both a positive and a negative as you contemplate how to homeschool.

In a traditional school, all the students do the same thing as the rest of the class. Not much room for individualizing lessons and working on your kids’ strengths or helping in their weaknesses.

Personalize Lessons

Find what interests them the most and tailor their lessons accordingly.

Gentry enjoyed history more than science. When she had a writing assignment, I would have her write about a history event since that interest her. On the other hand, Ashley & Hunter both liked animals. They tended to write about animals or another science topic.

Take advantage of their interests & passions when you can.

On the other hand, individualizing every lesson, every day can be a stumbling block. You will burnout when you create separate lessons for each & every child, for each & every lesson, each & every day.

Find Middle Ground.

Here’s one example of what worked for us.

As a family, we studied a historical time period together. We read aloud each morning and discussed that time period from a Biblical worldview.

  • Who is God to that society?
  • Who is man to that society?

To individualize our history lesson, each child read a book on their reading level. Sometimes I assigned a book and sometimes they chose their book.

I think it’s important that we give our kids opportunities that they can’t get at the traditional school. This includes letting them make some decisions about their schoolwork or readings. Give them the opportunity to make small decisions as a child and they will be able to make bigger decisions as adults. In the end, personalizing in this way will lead to good decisions makers as adult.




How do you personalize or individualize your homeschool lessons?

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