How to Homeschool - Consider Your Children's Education
How To Homeschool My Child
How to Homeschool – Consider Your Child’s Education

How to Homeschool – Consider Your Child’s Education


What advice would you give to a mom who is considering homeschooling her child?  What advice would you give on how to homeschool . . .

My Response:

Think outside the box…

Realize that education is more than books, grades & subject areas. Your children are receiving an education every single day.

What type of education are they receiving?

Children's Education - BibleTake some time to think & pray about what is best for you children. Consider what long term goals you have for your kids? (job, college, marriage, etc) As I stated in the above question, my goal for my kids was to think Biblically & critically. As we worked on this goal, the other things fell into place (reading, writing, arithmetic).

We did not follow a traditional route of education as we homeschooled. Being a public school teacher & having a masters in education, this was a huge shift for me. I had to “unlearn” what I was taught in college & as a school teacher. I’m so glad I did and my kids reaped the benefits.

Our path to homeschooling...

The summer before we started homeschooling, I planned to teach the traditional subjects in a traditional way. In other words, I would teach grammar and math with workbooks (boring!).

Children's Education - for the children's sakeThroughout that summer God worked on my heart and showed me a better way. I discovered other approaches to homeschooling, such as Charlotte Mason used. For the Children’s Sake (by Susan Schaefer Macaulay) was the best book I read that summer – to prepare me for homeschooling. I found resources that allowed me to use literature to teach a wide variety of subjects, including grammar.

Over the next years, I discovered other methods that allowed us to teach our kids with the best methods possible.

We chose to homeschool because we had no other option. Our oldest daughter was having stress headaches & stomach aches in 3rd & 4th grade. It was time to make a change.

Our Kids

You may wonder if a non-traditional, fun, eclectic approach to homeschooling really works. Let me share the end of our story. Remember that our primary goal was not a job or college.

All 3 of my kids have graduated from high school. My oldest daughter graduated from college in 2 years with a marketing degree, testing out of her freshman & sophomore classes. She is now married and teaching school to at-risk kids. My middle daughter had a 4.0 her freshman year, has been on the dean’s list multiple times and graduates this fall. My youngest son just finished his freshman year on the honor roll with a 3.9.

I don’t share that to brag, but to say that homeschooling really works. If you are unsure about homeschooling, start with prayer and talking to your spouse. God will show you the way. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact me.


How to Homeschool My Child

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