How Kids Can Make Money This Summer

Lemonade Stand - Business


Have your kids ever wanted to have a lemonade stand?

Are your kids interested in babysitting? or pet sitting?

No matter how kids can make money this summer, they need to consider a few ideas.

 1.  Solve Someone's Problem

Does your product or service solve someone’s problem?

If it does, your kids have found their target audience. If it’s a hot, humid day, a cold cup of lemonade is perfect. If your neighbors are going on vacation, they need someone to take care of their pets. You are solving other people’s problems and one step towards a successful kid business.

2.  Let Others Know What You Have

Your kids need to find a way to let others know what they are selling. Whether they are offering a product or service, they need to advertise. This doesn’t mean they need radio or TV ads. Nor do they need to spend lots of money.

Flyers - BusinessYour kids can be creative with advertising – flyers in the neighborhood, online postings, bulletin board at the public library. Setting up a blog or website for their business is also a good idea.

3.  Have Fun

Your kids are kids…let them have fun while they are making money. If they are having fun, they will see business as a future possibility.

If it’s a drudgery, they won’t want to have a business of their own. I am not saying everything in business is fun, but there should be an element of fun in your kids business.

How To Homeschool My ChildMy son, Hunter, ran his own marshmallow gun business from the age of 10 to 14. Marshmallow guns bring an element of fun to his business. Other kids enjoyed playing with the guns, so he had a target market. Hunter spent time advertising his guns online & offline.

Hunter shares 5 strategies to a successful kid business in our webinar, “How to Make Money & Have Fun”. You can watch the webinar for free by entering your email below. Your kids will be glad you did. WATCH your email for a link to the webinar.




Have your kids had their own business? Do they have a website?

Share what they’ve done.