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Easter Crafts – Make an Easter Garden

Easter Crafts – Make an Easter Garden

I wish I had found this terrific Easter craft when my kid were young, but I’m glad I can pass it along to you. It has a great object lesson to learn about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Even though my kids were grown, I made my Easter Garden a few years ago. Now I can display it every Easter.

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

I made my Easter garden with artificial flowers from the 99cents store. The entire Easter craft was less than $5.

If you like, you can make it with real flowers. If I make one this weekend after going to Lowe’s for gardening supplies, I’ll post the fresh flower version (& directions) for you. In the meantime, make a list of supplies so you can make it the weekend before Easter.

Supplies (sorry no pic, but I already had this garden made & couldn’t pull it apart for a Supplies photo)

Shallow tray or dish
Green styrofoam for the fake flowers
Moss, cut grass or sand
Dried twigs
Sewing thread or twisty tie or glue
Small Pot
Flat stone large enough to cover mouth of pot
Rocks or pebbles
Small flowers

Easter Crafts - Easter GardenGet 2 blocks of floral foam and insert the flowers in each piece.

Easter Crafts - Easter GardenPlace the floral foam of flowers in a corner of your box. Cover with spanish moss or dirt or sand…whatever you have.

Easter Crafts - Easter GardenSorry for all the red dots. The year we made this garden, my son had an art project and splattered red paint on our Easter Garden. Oh well…flexibility!

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

Place your cross in your box. Make a path or rocks or pebbles leading to the tomb. Place a cup or pot on it’s side for the tomb.

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

Before you go to bed on Saturday night, remove the stone covering the tomb. When your kids wake up, the tomb will be empty. What a great opportunity to talk about Jesus’ resurrection. See our Bible readings to help.

Easter Crafts - Easter Garden

Hope your family enjoys making their own Easter Crafts Garden. Once it’s made, you can use it year after year, after year, after year. If you would like the Bible readings for Easter, just fill in your email below and it will be emailed to you.

Let me know what your favorite Easter crafts is by posting a comment. You will be entered in our weekly giveaway.




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