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Create a Love of Learning

Create a Love of Learning

With Valentines Day around the corner, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to create a “love” of learning in your family. Please post a comment & share ideas of how your family has created a love of learning. That way everyone can benefit from each other.

Child Love of LearningChildren who enjoy learning and discovery are those that truly have a love of learning. Too often we squelch our children’s enthusiasm to learn at a very young age by giving them worksheets, review books, and tests, as well as making them sit rigidly in a chair. Children naturally love to learn at a young age. You need to draw out your children’s natural love of learning at an early age so it continues through life.

In the beginning…

Keep in mind that a love of learning begins with you. If you do not have a love of learning, you need to establish your own love of learning first. When your children see their own parents continually learning more, your excitement will promote a love of learning in your children.

Mom Love of LearningMy own children tease me about how much I enjoy learning. They know I love to read and learn. They know I love history. They know I love to share what I learn with others. I don’t mind their teasing because they know how important learning is to me. As my children get older they are sensing their own excitement and desire to continue learning for a lifetime.

If your children have a “hate” of learning, you should strive to change their attitude before you introduce them to independent studies. Spend some time thinking of reasons why your child hates learning. Their hate of learning did not happen instantly.

Change your family’s daily routine and allow more freedom to study your children’s interests. Get excited yourself about your new discoveries. Eventually your enthusiasm will rub off. This will take time; it will not happen overnight.

Just last fall my son told me that he did not like to learn history until his high school years. You may think that’s awful that he did not like history for 10 years…I thought it was wonderful. I love history and knew he was not very interested. I was excited because Hunter was finally enjoying his history studies. I share this with you because some subjects may take years to develop a love of learning. Don’t stress over it. Just keep praying and making learning fun.

Remember that more is caught than taught. Your love of learning will eventually grow on your kids, if it isn’t happening right now. Let your kids see you reading & discovering new concepts…right alongside of them. Find ways to make your family learning time fun.

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