Bean Plant Experiment for Kids

With Earth Day upon us, I thought a plant experiment was appropriate.

This is one of the easiest plant science projects you will ever do – the bean plant experiment for kids. When I taught public school, I did this every year with my science classes. All 30 kids had bean plants growing on our classroom window.

One reason I love this project is it is so simple, but teaches so much about plants (root growth, plant growth, photosynthesis, and so forth)

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - SuppliesIf you are homeschooling, you probably have all the supplies at home right now. All it takes for each child is 4 pinto beans, 1 paper towel, 1 plastic baggie, 4 staples and some tape (forgot to include the tape:-)

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - FoldFold your paper towel in half. Fold it in half again. Insert the folded paper towel into the baggie. I like the fold & close baggies because it is lightweight and stays open at the top. You can use a ziploc if you like.

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - StaplePlace 4 staples along the bottom edge. Leave about 1″ from the edge to allow for the roots to grow.

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - Bean
On top of each staple, place a pinto bean. We alternate the beans upside down to see how the roots grow when they start coming out of the bean top.

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - TapeTape the baggie to the window. Be sure your child can reach the top to water the plant. If you have several kids, write their name on the baggie with a Sharpie.

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids - WaterWater your plant. You don’t want to drown your plant, but you do want your paper towel to be completely soaked. It’s okay to have a little water in the bottom of the baggie as you can see in the photo.

Bean Plant Experiment for Kids
Use your nature journal to track the growth of your bean plant. Draw a picture of the bean each day. Be sure to label the date. I’ll be posting updates of our bean plants.

Spring Block Clip Art - Bean plant experiment for kids



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