Be Flexible to Encourage Love of Learning

I began my teaching career as a public school teacher, and to be honest, I do not think I ever finished a textbook in a single school year. You probably worry about finishing particular textbooks, even in homeschooling. You think to yourself, “I have two more chapters I have got to finish.” But why? Why should you be putting so much pressure on yourself and your children?

All this stress does is suck the love of learning away from your homeschool. You children will not love learning when you are always nagging them about finishing this textbook or that workbook. Be flexible & take a step back for the rest of this school year to make learning fun.

You should do the things that are important to you & your family. These priorities will be different for each & every homeschool family. Talk to your spouse and find out what is important for you to accomplish the rest of this school year. There are certain things that are important to your family, so make a list of your top three priorities for this year. For example…

It may be that your 8 year old can read a certain book by the end of the year.

Or it may be that your 8 year old could write a 5-sentence paragraph.

Or it may be that your 8 year old enjoys nature and keeps a nature book where they go out and draw pictures and they find something they like. Then, your kids go look at the Handbook of Nature Study and discover more about what they found on their nature walk.

Or maybe do some kind of unit study about a topic that interests your kids.

You need to do what is best for your family. When you focus on your family priorities, you can make homeschool fun & create a love of learning. Look at your own goals & your family’s interests.

Each year when we homeschooled, I re-evaluated our school year after Christmas. I would say to myself, here is what I am going to do this year. Whatever happens, happens.

Flexibility is key to overcome stress in homeschooling.