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How To Homeschool My Child

Approaches to Homeschooling

What’s the best way to homeschool my child? That’s a fantastic question to ask.

Personally, I’ve done all sorts of things including writing a book called Approaches to Home Schooling. Over the years, I’ve used a variety of techniques in our homeschooling. When we made decisions about the best way to homeschool our children, we took a step back to see what our kids were doing at the time and what their interests were. Matching each child’s interest with our approach to homeschooling was imperative.

Your approach to homeschooling should match your beliefs. Since we are Christians, we want to give our children a Christian education along with a supreb education. Here’s my first secret.

Give Your Children a Biblical Foundation

We want to matches our beliefs with the way we homeschool. A Biblical foundation was necessary so we found activities & curricula that offer a Biblical perspective in all areas of life. Whatever we were teaching came from a Biblical perspective. Creation vs. evolution was a topic for our science class. The orderliness of how God works was found in math. How God was working in different people, their values and lessons to learn from their lives can all be found in literature, history and political science,.

As we studied stories in history, literature and politics, we discussed if those involved acted in a Christian way or not. Which of these people should we emulate, and which should we not?

Another concern for me as we chose the best way to homeschool my children was wanting to raise my kids to be leaders and to think for themselves. I wanted them to be independent thinkers with a Biblical perspective, to think for themselves and have that Biblical foundation.

To create a Biblical perspective in our kids, we used dinner table discussions. We continue to have a lot of discussions around the dinner table. A month ago, my 18 yr old son started asking us what the Bible says about abortion, death penalty and dating. We started him on a Biblical foundation as a youngster and he continues to search for what the Bible has to say about important topics.

To ensure our children enter into a discussion and not have a lecture from a parent, we use lots of questions. One of the things I think is real important is that we ask our kids questions as they’re growing up. Most textbooks have a question with a rote answer. You just look up the answer in the book and that’s it. I want to go beyond literal questions. I want my kids to think critically and Biblically.

As you contemplate “how to homeschool my children”, be sure to match your values & beliefs with the foundation you lay in your homeschool.

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